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  1. Dang, I'm guessing the battery was flat, but we'll never know.
  2. Chances are that you need a clutch change, but first check there is oil in the gearbox and top it up if needed, connect the diagnostics up and ensure the clutch rod is the correct length, 28 - 28.5 mm, if the grinding persists then I'm afraid it's going to be gearbox off time, the reverse gear is buried right in the center of the box, so unless you are experienced in gearbox refurbishment then I suggest you have a specialist do this, but when you say there is a rattling at Idle... I fear that this is more than just a worn gear, this in fact sounds more like a collapsed front bearing and the clutch is now being used instead, acting as a bearing to hold the shaft roughly in position and amazingly this will allow the car to drive. The easy check for this is to remove the clutch speed sensor from the gearbox and look at the tip (It's the brass 22mm sensor with the red socket on the front of the gearbox next to the filler plug), it should be perfectly flat along the end, if there is ANY sign of a groove in it then I am afraid your front bearing has gone, it takes 2 minutes to check this with a double depth 22mm socket from the top.
  3. 159, Yes, it is the same box so has the same bearing problems as the Vauxhalls. The GT has the old 156/147 6 speed, which it shares with the V6s, different ratios, and the diff is still worth swapping for a Q2 or Quaife.
  4. Smaky

    Engine Help

    Sounds to me like the head gasket is on the way out, I'm guessing this engine is around the 120K mark? Pretty much as long as these metal plate gaskets survive, just keep an eye on your coolant level and check if the hoses are going rigid, this is a sure sign if this is the problem, the other codes though (powertrain) don't tally, you should only see those on a selespeed, so what's going on there??? The MAF though may be failing, but if you're getting that and the lambdas together then as I said , it may be the start of the head gasket going, they lamdas just don't like coolant in the exhaust and they blame the MAF for everything, sadly I think with your mindset this is the end for this bella, though it is repairable, just make sure the head is not cracked.
  5. Your fault codes point to a lack of communication between the ABS and Engine ECUs, unplug the ABS unit and turn the ignition on, reset the fault code and see if they return whilst unplugged, reconnect the ABS whilst the ignition is still on and if the codes were there attempt to reset again, if all has remained the same the obvious place to start is checking the wiring end to end including the wheel speed sensors, physically look at the sensor wiring as if this has worn against the wheels and been repaired then this may well be the problem and just a new sensor should solve it, following that it's hit or miss on replacing the ABS unit will cure this, second hand ones are readily available but it may also be the Engine ECU at fault, which would mean replacing that, the code box and key transponders.
  6. Undo all the electrical connectors, get some contact grease and lube up the socket sides anfer you've dried them out with a hair dryer. It's normally just moisture in the plugs that evaporates after you've warmed the engine and gearbox up.
  7. Have you tried unplugging the Sele ECU and reconnecting it yet??? but I think you're going to fing this is going to come down to a wire in the loom down to its last strand. But all the other statements you've made point to a position sensor fault.
  8. Unfortunately your mechanic doesn't know the cars at all, if the gearbox is making grinding noises then it needs rectifying straight away, thi is no most likely going t cost you a replacement gearbox as suspect from your description that he front bearing has collapsed, this causes wear to the casing and destroys the clutch, If you're lucky then a front bearing and clutch are required, but I would insist on replacing the gearbox in this case and making sure it is setup and calibrated correctly.
  9. Owner is lieing and knows damn well that it's never had an oil change in its life.
  10. It doesn't disconnect at the squib, there is a triangular plastic panel on each side of the boot liner, remove it and the plug is behind there.
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