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  1. Have you tried unplugging the Sele ECU and reconnecting it yet??? but I think you're going to fing this is going to come down to a wire in the loom down to its last strand. But all the other statements you've made point to a position sensor fault.
  2. Unfortunately your mechanic doesn't know the cars at all, if the gearbox is making grinding noises then it needs rectifying straight away, thi is no most likely going t cost you a replacement gearbox as suspect from your description that he front bearing has collapsed, this causes wear to the casing and destroys the clutch, If you're lucky then a front bearing and clutch are required, but I would insist on replacing the gearbox in this case and making sure it is setup and calibrated correctly.
  3. Owner is lieing and knows damn well that it's never had an oil change in its life.
  4. It doesn't disconnect at the squib, there is a triangular plastic panel on each side of the boot liner, remove it and the plug is behind there.
  5. Airlock Perhaps?

    take it out for a spin, you'll see the temp rise up suddenly then fall, wait for it to cool then top up the coolant.
  6. 156 Selespeed Rev Counter

    You can though just swap the board in the rev counter and not worry about the rest of the dials.
  7. 156 Selespeed Rev Counter

    As long as they are for a selespeed, yes.
  8. Yes I do remember, and I think this will be the same problem.
  9. Selespeed "start-Up"

    It'll still be there, but just not as big as it used to be.
  10. Rough Gear Shift Or Not At All

    Very odd.
  11. Selespeed "start-Up"

    Sounds like it's holding pressure fine. The crunch will be the second gear synchro on the way out.
  12. Removing A Headlamp On A Guilietta

    Hi, there's a 3rd bolt, but you need to drop the bumper to get to it.
  13. I Think This Car Hates Me.....

    Sounds like it could be, but don't rule out a sticking tappet, but to be sure remove the cam cover and examine the cam lobes, any wear and it will probably be the big ends making the noise.
  14. Selespeed Not Working

    Well there you go, saved a lot of time messing around, good to hear that she's on the go again...