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  1. AFLA

    Death Rattle

    Was the shells. No. 3 embedded in the crank. Sold 2 days ago to an ex-alfa mechanic that dropped the sump on the spot and replaced it. Left me the remains of the shell for memories. He will replace the engine. I left Alfaland for a while. Will return in a couple of years either to a 70's GTV 2000 with a Nord or the new Julia. I miss the sele. Now that I have more time, I will launch my dream startup.
  2. AFLA

    Death Rattle

    Got it. This is 2nd time. Last was 100K Km ago and I replaced engine from breakers. I am thinking shells and possible regrind. What would be the odds that I will need a regrind or a complete overhaul including top end? Is it likely I will get away with shells alone? Thanks Tuval
  3. Managed to do it! no more flashing display, jumping gears and into neutral! Thanks Smaky!
  4. Well I removed the battery and tray all right but the Selection Position Sensor on the back plate is way down there and in my way are the brake reservoir and thermostat piping... am I just shy of pushing my hand down there and working blindly on the torx screws? Or am I missing something? I could nearly do the same from the wheel arch where I removed the small cover but found it again tricky to jiggle my hand there and position the torx driver properly. What are the right tools? Am I just being thick here?
  5. Hello, Is there a way to get at the Selespeed Selection Sensor and replacing it while the actuator is still attached to the gearbox and without dismantling the subframe and/or the actuator? I have a recurring fault with it and cleaning the connectors is not helping. Thanks in advance, Tuval
  6. Hi All, Does anybody have a step by step description of how to remove and inspect the Inlet Manifold Gasket on a Twin Spark? I want to see if there is a leak there and if so, fix it using sealant/replace the gasket. Many thanks in advance! Tuval
  7. You have sealed it with UHU Max Repair which is a glue - and not a sealant per se? Why? I understand that this glue is flexible - but is it better for this task than "regular" RTV Silicone sealant? And this is for the common variator solenoid seal leak? I am asking because I suspect a leak there and want to verify I use the proper material.
  8. Hi Davo, I can't of course offer any help as Smaky's. but - I was able to sort out my p1742 issue (see my other thread on Selespeed jumping gears in same sub forum). I was able to cure it (at least temporarily as Smaky said) by spraying it liberally with elec contact spray till it was clean enough - I think that some of the potentiometer internal mechanism is exposed and this enables cleaning/flushing it to a degree (aside from cleaning the contact itself by unplugging it) - of course I would be happier to take it off, clean it properly and put it back again - but I don't have a lift and this is how far I was able to master at this point. It has now been 4 days and some 300 Miles... HTH
  9. OK So after getting p1742 errors and many jumps to neutral including stuck in neutral more than once, disconnected the selection sensor and without taking it (difficult to get at) off sprayed it and the connection liberally with contact spray. EOL and she is fine. Also the selection values seem more stable now. U really scared me with that Smaky... I hope this is not it...
  10. Hi All, Does anyone have a nice tip on how to remove the oil filter easily? I don't have a proper tool to do it. It won't budge and of course is very hot when I want to change the oil as I warm her beforehand. Can I loosen it a bit while cold and easier to handle, then go for a drive or is this a no-no? Can WD40 loosen it up? I don't want to stick a screwdriver in it and use it as a handle because I might ruin it and not be able to move her. Thanks, Tuval
  11. Hi Davo, I am now getting the same symptoms as you are now including the P1742 error as well as at least one time the pump did not prime on door open. Still need to verify the actual values pressure values. I do hope the answer is as simple as a Potentiometer, Accumulator or Pump Motor Brushes which I can do alone... Tuval
  12. Hi all, My selespeed is acting funny again. Gear number flashes on 1st and sometimes 2nd as well. Jumps gears either to N or all the way up to 3rd and then settle on 2nd. Also can show 3rd but actually be in 1st. Fluid is topped up. Pressure 55 max and drop to 45 is fine. Rod is 28.4 Pump primes for ~10 seconds on door open. No errors. Done EOL. No joy. Is this Pump? Relay? Accumulator? Weak Battery?
  13. AFLA

    Poly Bushes

    Well, I guess this is guesswork territory now... As by now have replaced upper and lower wishbones, drop links, ARB bushes and steering rack assembly. Really confusing ;-) Does it help if I feel the thump through my left foot on the brake paddle?
  14. AFLA

    Poly Bushes

    Replaced the ARB bushes but knock is still there. The shocks seem fine and do not clunk. Also the caliper is tight and so are the wheel bolts. However, when jacking up the left front and trying to move the wheel by grabbing the tire, I could sense and see a very slight movement when doing this side to side. This movement does not appear normal. Does this mean wheel bearing? Or can be some other component? Thanks! Tuval
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