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Found 8 results

  1. having an issue with my 156gta selespeed. It is impossible to engage any gear! When connecting to MES I see that the selector solenoid only gets 600mA, that means the valve doesnt open enough to engage any gear. Does anyone have a clue what it can be? there are no error messages present. Can it be the gear selector sensors? Hope anyone can help! br Karl
  2. Hi I have read through the posts and cant determine what may be the cause of my issues so hope that someone can help with the diagnosis. Had some issues several years ago with the first turning out to be the "rotor sensor" and later with an inability to select gears which was remedied by replacing the brushes in the pump. 12 months ago I imported an accumulator and relay which I got the local mechanic to fit while replacing the cam belt. At the time I asked regarding the loud clunky/graunchy noise when changing between 2-3, 3-4 and 4- and 3-2 which he advised was the gearbox that needed replacing but might be ok for another 20,000kms or so. So I haven't had that done as yet. Car drove great for about 5 months then the following symptoms started appearing: When the car has travelled about 20kms it is warm enough for the issues Stopping and turning the engine off, then when trying to restart the car the gears flash through on the dash display5,4,3,2,1,N (flashing on N) so unable to restart. I make gear selection in each direction until N appears and I quickly restart the car before it flashes or moves to a different gear on the display. Moving off from a stop position can cause bunny hops and or "wheelies" Selecting R, quite a considerable pause and then a car shuddering clunk. A considerable delay when changing gears The pump runs upon opening the door and again when inserting the key prior to selecting N for start Apologies for the non-technical speak as I am not very mechanical but trying my best to understand as over the 5 years I have had my car I have found that it really helps to have a pretty good idea what may be the cause before engaging the services of the auto-electrician or mechanic. Many thanks
  3. For Sale, a beautiful 09 2 litre JTS Selespeed 156 Veloce 47k miles as I remember. Car's been stood for a year as it requires a new clutch and release bearing - and we know just how fiddly a job it is. Plus a few other niggling things doing. She's black, fully loaded - the leather seats are fantastic. NO rust! I'm in Manchester/Bury and the car will need a transporter to take her away. A good clean and she would be stunning. These are getting rare now with only 28 left according to "How Many Left" Serious offers please. ASAP. I'd hate to see a future classic car scrapped. Plus I'll miss her
  4. Hi, I've recently changed the 50A pump relay on my 2005 147 2.0 TS (109,000km) after the "Selespeed System Failure" warning came up. It worked fine for a short while then it failed again. Relay has gone bad! Does anyone have a clear idea why? What's the fix? No apparent leaks. PS: I bought the car recently and it was about to be junked. Previous owner must have tried to fix it too. I love Alfa's so I'm welling to fix it, if cost is reasonable. Thank you.
  5. Hi A Selespeed issue, but I can't find anything similar on any of the forums. I have a 2005 GT Selespeed that won't start. This all started after driving to work through heavy rai and being unable to start the car 8 hours later when I finished work. When I use MES to check for errors, the engine ecu reports U1701 which seems to mean no communication with Sele ecu over the CANbus. MES won't connect to the Sele ecu; when I check the Body computer, it says the Sele ecu is defined but not found. I've cleaned the gearbox earth, checked the fuses and relays, which all seem OK. I've checked the multi-pin plug, cleaned it and replaced it with no result. I've charged the battery (less than 1 year old) and tried another fully charged battery without any success. When I open the driver's door after connecting the battery, the pump primes and a high pitch tone sounds which I think is the alarm for a sele fault. Gear N shows on the dash until I turn the key to MAR at which point the gear indicator goes blank. I'm all out of ideas; anyone any thoughts? Thanks
  6. My symptoms are that in the morning I start the car, select first gear and can drive, if I try selecting second or reverse, car flashes in 1 and after many attempts I can only put it in reverse and try shifting again. As soon as I drive off if I try to select 2 without going hard in 1 gear will drop and 1 flashes again can only go to R and from there 1. This happens a few times then stops after a bit of driving. Caf is usually ok for the rest of the day and usually only happens again in the morning. My fault codes are p0720, p1745, p1746 p1748, p1764. All of them can be cleared but they return after driving. A bloke gave me smaky's number but he ain't picking up so hope I can reach him hear as I've heard he's the most knowledgeable on selespeed
  7. Howdy All, Since buying the 156 last year my situation has changed, now we need a second car. So naturally I thought of the 147 I'm going to look at a 2.0 TS Selespeed tomorrow and I realised I know very little about the Selespeed box. From what I can gather in City mode its an auto, no need to change gears, in normal mode it's like a manual without a clutch. Is that right? The car has done about 90k miles, is there anything I should be looking out for? Any tips for driving the Selespeeds? What do I need to know?! Cheers all
  8. Hi and hello from Sweden. I'm puzzled about my daugthers 147 Selespeed. Bougth it a couple of weeks ago and then it didn´t even start. From there I have manage to get it to start and also driven it shortly, with all gears in action. Now it is stuck in N, still the engine starts though. I think it has been filled with the wrong Sele-oil, red coulered I guess is Dextron, or at least not CS Speed. I have now drained and refilled it with CS and levelled. Pump is working, clutch rod is adjusted, no fault codes and all solenoids sounds and seem to be working when activated with FES. The 20-pin connector have been disconnected and connected 50 times or more. Also been over the relay. Battery seems ok. Calibration returnes "1st and 2nd sel. error". Readings from FES as per below engine off and on: Could anyone (Smaky I guess ) spot anything wrong. What would be likely to check next? Disconnect/connect stick and check micro-switches? Brake sensor, brake light is working... Any specific wiring/solenoids/connectors/relay/fuse. Any help will be much appriciated here in Sweden!
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