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  1. Hi all, recently sold my 156 JTS Veloce 2004 and have some bits left over. Genuine timing belt kit. Cam locks (Shop4Parts). Speedo (working - mpg and service reset ok). Coil pack. MAF. See eBay item number 302388055188 for the timing belt kit and then see my other items for the rest of the bits. If I find anything else I'll post it up. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Oh well, never mind. Sold the car now and am now Alfa-less!
  3. Hi all, been having trouble with my JTS after an overheat was narrowly averted (radiator leaked out). Since replacing it, the cooling system is fine but she runs rough, with only 1 of the 4 lambdas showing a signal and the air to fuel ratio going from normal 14.7 at first to over 24 and staying there! It feels slightly noisier and rougher with a slight vibration all the time, whether driving, coasting, standing still. Obviously not transmission related, just engine. The temp sender reads as expected, and last weekend I had the rocker cover off, checked the timing with camblocks - spot on. The cam lobes are not worn and everything is spotless. Except that all four plugs were black with soot (dry not oily). Removed the intake pipe from the MAF to the throttle body and checked for air leaks - nothing found. All other pipes in the vicinity are fine too. Although she was running fine and was as responsive as ever apart from the abovementioned vibration / slight rough feel, tried to start her today and nothing, cranks but won't start! Getting fed up now as I've had to buy a runabout to use in the meantime - didn't want to drive the Alfa and cause any damage. Losing interest too and am thinking of selling / scrapping it as I can't afford 3 lambdas and a MAF etc. Before I do though, has anyone got any suggestions I can try?
  4. Sooty Si

    Engine Help

    Hi all, looking for a little help...156 JTS Veloce (2004) A few weeks back I had been on a short journey, noticed the temperature suddenly rising past the 90 mark, so I pulled over immediately and switched off just as the warning light came on and the Infocenter displayed the "Engine Temp too high" warning. Popped the bonnet and noticed all the coolant had pissed out from the base of the radiator...fair enough. Called the breakdown service and got taken home. Replaced the radiator and coolant, and the cooling system is absolutely fine now...but, she sounds a little different, almost like she's running a little rough. Idle is a not quite right and there seems to be a light vibration now across the rev range, particularly noticeable at about 3000 rpm, which then reduces and comes back at just over 4000, and so on. Also sounds different, like an ever so slightly deeper note to the engine. Being a JTS, I'm used to seeing the P0120 and P0130 MCSF fault codes every now and then. Now I'm suddenly getting the following: P0130 - O2 sensor circuit (bank 1, sensor 1) P0139 - O2 sensor circuit slow response (bank 1, sensor 2) P0159 - O2 sensor circuit slow response (bank 2, sensor 2) P1131 - Powertrain P0100 and P0110 - Powertrain (mass or volume air flow circuit / intake air temp circuit) ---- after I disconnected the MAF to see if it made a difference, which it did). P1172 - Powertrain P1173 - Powertrain These have appeared on 5 different occasions, sometimes together, in various combinations. The car still pulls well, a code for the Coilpack appeared once (P0351) indicating Ignition Coil "A" primary / secondary circuit, so I replaced the coilpack with a known good spare and it hasn't reappeared and doesn't run any better or worse, so may have been a fluke. So, before I start ripping things apart, does anyone with REAL knowledge have any suggestions as to where best to start looking? Please don't reply if you're just going to say "Yeah mate, its a JTS, you need new cams, injectors, blah blah blah" because you heard it on a forum like AO. I'm not trying to be a dick, just haven't got time and money to throw at a 13 year-old car based on hearsay and forum-knowledge. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. Is your gearstick a bit floppy too? Might be a worn or broken gearbox / engine mount.
  6. My missus is selling her 147 ( got herself a Mito ). eBay link: http://www.ebay.co.u...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT
  7. Lol. Just bought a 156 cruise control stalk with proper lower cowling and screws from a chap on eBay for £65 all in. Autolusso want £70 just for the stalk.
  8. Go on eBay and have a look, or email Partsworld.
  9. Is this what you're looking for? http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4182cac5bb ...or this one, which has a pic: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3f24f68dcf Oh, and there's these too: http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e66ac88d9 ...this one as well: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-genuine-Alfa-Romeo-147-Gear-change-bracket-lever-rod-housing-55191141-/231351694535?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35dda2b4c7
  10. For sale is my Sony CDX-GT929U headunit. It was fitted to my 2002 Alfa 147, as a replacement for the ConnectNav unit, as it has an Aux socket on the front, a CD player, and a USB input which can be tidily hidden away in the glove box. As seen in the photo, it is complete with: Alfa 147 fascia in silver. storage tray underneath. steering wheel controls adapter. IR remote control. correctly wired adapter. It is literally plug and play for an Alfa 147. You won't need to rewire anything. Not sure if it will fit the facelift version? Link to eBay: http://www.ebay.co.u...-/301378410173?
  11. Someone once recommended unplugging the big purple connector at the firewall and cleaning the connectors. Unplugged mine, spotless, sprayed some quality electrcal contact cleaner all over just for shits & giggles, and replaced the plug. Didn't make any difference. In fact the MCSF came back on again this morning when pootling along behind a 4x4. Thinking back, the last time it came on was as I slowed and stopped at a junction, definitely below 30mph.
  12. I also get the MCSF, but only rarely, with no associated running problems. It always comes up on MES / Torque as P0420. The lambda in question was replaced with a genuine Bosch part (from AlfaShop) the day after I bought the car (after the MCSF came up for the first time on the way home from the dealer). I'm curious as to when your MCSF comes on. Mine only happens when I've been driving normally, and then end up cruising gently / driving Miss Daisy at a steady, constant speed anywhere between say 30 and 50 mph with no blipping the throttle. I did once dig up some info from, I think, a German Alfa forum that stated the system was only looking for errors between IIRC 32 to 48 mph (or similar). I'd love to hear a definitive answer to this snag. I know some folks solder the lambda connectors and have reported success, and seeing as I've just had all the belts and bits & bobs done, and a full service, I'm happy to give it a go but I'd just like some confirmation as I'm possibly the world's worst solderer and don't want to go there unless its a definite fix.
  13. Is the engine still in the car, or in bits?
  14. Hi all, If I had a perfectly fine 1.6 ts in a 147 with a ropy body & interior, and wanted to put the engine into what used to be a 2.0 ts body, what would I need to swap over, apart from the engine & gearbox obviously?
  15. Agreed. Even with the 147 seat all the way down, still feels high up compared to a 156, especially with the Veloce being lower than standard 156s. However, with the knackered bolsters and saggy seat pad, when driving "enthusiastically", its a bit like sitting on a bench, sliding from side to side
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