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  1. Here's a link http://www.aroc-uk.com/thamesvalley/southernalfaday.html
  2. Anyone going this year? Last year was the first one . Some seriously gorgeous and noisy cars on show. http://www.brookland...ercar-saturday/
  3. Chaps, Is this something that may be of interest? Not sure of the Alfa content,if any, but Brooklands is always worth a visit .From what I can gather it's being organised by Phil Ward of AutoItalia, so there could be some fine "macchine d'Italia" to see and hear http://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/index.p ... sport-day/ "Visitors can expect to see and hear a wide selection of motorsport vehicles from all eras - from historics and classics to current GT and Touring cars, from single-seaters to rally cars - in action. Selected competition cars will be demonstrated on the Mercedes-Benz World test track and the infamous Brooklands Test Hill".
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