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  1. K9d

    New Alfa

    Not doing it for me
  2. K9d

    Hello All

    We get there eventually
  3. K9d

    New Alfa

    It doesn't look promising
  4. K9d

    The Formula One thread

    Or are they just throwing their toys out of the pram now they're not winning ?
  5. K9d

    Hello All

    Welcome aboard
  6. I would go with a lead to connect to a laptop and use MultiEcuScan.
  7. K9d


    Welcome aboard
  8. Where about's in Mere ?, I'm a postie there and cover the whole village throughout a week. Smaky I'm 16 miles from Mere so perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone when you come to sort out my sele.
  9. K9d

    Hello And Welcome To...

    I don't know why but this thread seems to attract spammers. As nobody other than bloody spammers have posted since Dec I'm going to lock the thread.
  10. Sorry my bad, I meant wouldn't.
  11. K9d

    Hi From Cornwall, Uk

    Welcome aboard
  12. I wouldn't trust a mobile mechanic with no specialist knowledge of Alfas to do the cam belt. I've watched Smaky do one and its not an easy straight forward job, it needs knowledge and cam locking tools to ensure the timing is spot on. It could turn out to be an expensive way to save £300.
  13. K9d

    Alfa 6C

    It was only $2.1million, I'm sure you could have stretched to it. Lovely car and interesting history.
  14. K9d

    Hello From Australia

    Welcome aboard , nice car.
  15. K9d

    Hi From West Sussex

    Looks good