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  1. After try several times calibration with MES, no succes. Try calibration with AlfaObd......first try and everything is Ok Case closed
  2. After many problems change gearbox ECU and almost everything is ok....but.. Try 1st gear - Ok Try 2nd gear - Ok Try reverse gear, on dashboard display R, but car goes forward Try calibration with MES, but give me some error: Production/Service final calibration COMPLETED Error due to absence of suitable conditions Any ideas?
  3. Hello, have some problem with Fiat Bravo 1.4 tjet with m20 Dualogic. P0928, check on Google and nothing about this. Any help? Thanks in advance
  4. Little late, but problem been mechanical - - - - broken metal arm, a part control clutch movement. Repair in official Fiat service here in Bulgaria.
  5. Hello everyone, i try to make a calibration of selespeed on my girlfriend Fiat 500, but start and giving error in attached picture below. Anyone to know what is the reason for that: Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, since I broke gears and clutch on my car I have the following question: it will fit in my car gearbox complete with clutch from Alfa Romeo 156 selespeed or Alfa Romeo 156 JTS selespeed? Unfortunately my forthcoming trip and will ask you for your quick response as the car should be ready by this Sunday. thank you very much
  7. Hi, I have the following problem with my car - alfa romeo 147 selespeed. At full throttle, in the 4 gear from 5000-5500 rpm, the car is damn clumsy. This is at about 170 km / h approx. After switch 5 gear continues to accelerate damn slow. 1,2,3 gear does not feel some reflection, 4 and 5 gear is pretty bad car after those rpm. I should mention that the engine is about 15,000 km after overhaul. It is also a catalyst removed and remap. Before repairing the situation was the same. Diagnostics do not go any errors. The car has new spark plugs. The only thing that strikes me is that MAF at maximum rpm/spot, not on the road, laptop have no good baterry/ units showing 300-310 of 409 suspected. In addition to the subjective feeling of almost no acceleration after 180 km / h, my question is based on the clips on the Internet in which acceleration after 180 of the same car is pretty much vigor. Where to look for problem? thank you regards
  8. yes, and I got it. But I meant that my accumulator is an original - 290,000 km., the pump always operates after two gear changes. I do not think that has kept the morning 39BAR. Unfortunately I have not battery in a laptop to check it, out at this point. Thanks anyway for individual assistance. :Four Leaf Clover:
  9. I apologize for my bad English. What do you mean by saying: "if the system is already storing enough pressure then the pump will not prime"
  10. You mean the evening when the car is off by too much pressure in the system in the morning does not pump embed opening the door because the ECU is remembered that parameter? Or that tomorrow is real pressure accumulator? I ask because my accumulator is quite old, and test to include gear pump always starts on the second switch. Thank you
  11. The pump was repaired, because the coil inside was burned. But before the repair was never included in the morning when you open the door. Spray relay with contact spray but no change in the morning. Could still be a relay problem? Is there a fuse I can check, just for this feature? thank you
  12. Hello from Bulgaria, I have the following question: morning when the driver's door is open, should run pump Selespeed, for a few seconds. But I do not think this is happening. Where to look for the problem? Diagnostics, it appears that the ECU of the Selespeed, sees that the door is open. thank you regards
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