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  1. Aircon Seal Kit

    Moving on a bit , I found the correct seals for the job , but now I have a problem with the system, Anyone saw this coming ?!! I may not be able to resolve my issue right now as the car leaves me for a couple of months, however I'm keen to resolve this,. what I have done is firstly evacuate the system as I have replaced the condenser. The system has been vacuumed and seems to hold pressure. I filled the so much with refrigerant and then as a caution some leakstop and then finishing with refrigerant. The clutch came in on 35 bar and got to 55 -60 and struggled to consume more than 40-480 g so compressor on all the time but not getting cold. The pressuyre on the other side is basically equalised by the same amount on low side. I am thinking that the compressor is unable to pressurize as the there is little load on the engine when switching fro low to to auto , 147 2.0l by the way. Can anyone help. Cheers Pat
  2. Aircon Seal Kit

    Does anyone know of a source of aircon seals for the 147 , not simple" o" rings, looks like a set of two ribs of rings together.. cheers Pat
  3. Master Cylinder

    Has anyone changed the master cyl. On a 147 jtd., is it relatively straight forward. ---------
  4. Airlock Perhaps?

    Yes I have been leaving it on that, hope fully by the w/e ill get it up high at the front and try a few things.
  5. Airlock Perhaps?

    Does anyone have any magic on how to get my 16v jtdm accept more coolant. I am 2.5 short of what I took out. I have tried tick over and coolant cap off and squeezing rear pipe from thermostat without much luck. Perhaps if I raise the car up high in the front? Cheers Pat
  6. Throttle Response To 1500

    Thanks trying to think too much out of the box, Ordered thermostat
  7. Throttle Response To 1500

    New MAP , not genuine has definitely helped, but not convinced , I have not disconnected MAF yet , its a little bit involved on the 8v as its down under fuse box area and screwed on , so not had time . On a separate issue I have also taken delivery of a 156 sw 1.9jtd 16v and the temperature refuses to rise according to dial. The top hose is not warming up and very little warmth after 25mns . I'm thinking there is a link between the timing belt replacement including water pump and maybe an airlock ?
  8. Throttle Response To 1500

    Many thanks will try that and get back to you.
  9. Throttle Response To 1500

    Ian getting great performance once it hits 1900 revs , so I can't see if that would help , it pulls really well above that , perhaps I'm expecting too much . M y friend had a multipla with the same engine (8v 1.9 jtd) and it was definitely quick to respond at junctions.
  10. Throttle Response To 1500

    I think I can put this down to MAP sensor, I have cleaned it with carb cleaner and I have noticed a marginal improvement. They seam to be very fickle and so I may invest in a new one .
  11. Throttle Response To 1500

    I am stuck with this small but irritating problem with my 1.9 jtd '53 plate 147. Maybe to used to petrols but I have a lack of throttle response from start position , but soon as it hits 1500 revs it shoots off. I have tried cleaning and checking egr , vacuum pipes etc. , what am I missing here?
  12. 2.0 TS cylinder head

    Water Pump?
  13. Wet Drivers Footwell

    Hi Alex , thanks for that , excess condensation seems to affect the rear , as the inner sills are always getting water from the front. I an only narrow down the leak to somewhere between the top of the strut housing and its attachment to the bulkhead by a strong plate. However it's inaccessible except by shining a light through the cavity from the bonnet hinge area, where the window washer tubing enters ,and. I can replicate leakage by pointing a running hose over it, or through it. The leak can start just by sitting the car in rain also , it's mad! Im considering blocking off the gap with a plastic plate and silicone. This still leaves a drain to inner wheel arch area free.I have run a hose through this drain for a considerable Time and no leaks to the footwell in that time.
  14. Wet Drivers Footwell

    Ok thought I found the reason for wet footwell (3 door 147) drivers, the seam leading down from a drain hole to the right looking from the front near the bonnet hinge and leading down the inner wheel arch . Maybe didn't seal it properly bu still leaking . Also discovered a leak coming from the rear and also ending up in the inner sill.I don't know the source yet but it appears above the rear light fit net and on the inner panel, so somewhere above that? Please some help appreciated , car is closer to scrapping every day!,,,
  15. Wet Drivers Footwell

    I have posted this subject on another site and getting nowhere. Exhausted all the usual suspects , water getting into inner sill through the A post somewhere and appearing between the floor and sill at the seam. Trying to remove the front wing off a spare car to see if the fault lies behind it . The car is three door 147 Any help appreciated it's driving me nuts and spoiling. good car. Looking for anyone who has info to resolve this issue please.