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  1. if anyone wonder (dont supposse soe, not exactly an overehelimign interest:-)) the fault was the fork that activates the potentimeter. it was broken
  2. still doesnt get any way.. anyone can help me with wiring diagrams? Hopefully better than in the elearn?
  3. hi! yes, i have unplugged the ecu too, no difference. Noticed a couple of things now: 1. cant start the engine in 2nd gear, even with the brake in, is that be normal? 2.car is now stuck in 2nd gear. When engaging the odd gear solenoid (with MES), it doesnt go to neuetral or any other gear. Can that indicate a faulty solenoid valve? (changed all valves earlier, but from 2,0, and i didnt know anything about the condition. so maybe its broken?
  4. changed the potentiometers for the gear position indicators, no difference.. Talked to the alfa dealer, they said the didn’t really know selespeed, but they could help me with reading error codes.. really helpful, specially since there are no.. seems to be quite alone here! its actually only the control unit i havent changed, and its not easy to find either. any suggestion or advice anyone? :-)
  5. some more info; tried and tested a lot of things, without having any clue actually :-) just received some tips and read some forums. What i tried so far; changed all solenoids, changed pump relay, rewiring of pump directly from battery, changed clutch sensor, changed brake light switch, changed selespeed wiring from main terminal. I changed to a New battery, changed the selespeed oil. bled the clutch, both manually and with MES. As far as i can understand, the only remaining things are; two gear position sensors, engine speed sensor and control unit. am I right? Still no fault code present, pump start and stop normally, pressure between 40 and 50bar. BUT; cant move it one single meter.. when trying to engage gear, the clutch released, but the gear selctor solenoid doesnt get enough current to open for the oil. Any advice welcome!! br Karl
  6. having an issue with my 156gta selespeed. It is impossible to engage any gear! When connecting to MES I see that the selector solenoid only gets 600mA, that means the valve doesnt open enough to engage any gear. Does anyone have a clue what it can be? there are no error messages present. Can it be the gear selector sensors? Hope anyone can help! br Karl
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