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  1. LJ_GQV

    New Alfa

    it looks like a nicer mazda 6, id still buy 1 though if i had the money. the front looks like a lego brick but i bet the top model is awesome to drive. i like it
  2. i really like those paint the wheels gold
  3. LJ_GQV


    Welcome to AD
  4. And i think some GT's are starting to look a bit dated now, not sure what it is about them but im not that fussed by them anymore. nearly bought a V6 when i got my GTA, they just dont do it for me though. not saying they look shit but i just dont 'get' them. 159 just looks awesome and still looks as if it could be a new car if you stuck it on a forecourt today they look pretty good if you change the front bumper for 1 off a Brera too
  5. Welcome to AD Steve have a look around & hope you like it here
  6. Why not get the important cambelt change done at a specialist as they will know what to do & get the other stuff done by the mobile mechanic? Sounds like the other stuff is only really putting other bits on so not much different to any other car.
  7. Welcome to AD have a look around & hopefully you like it here stick some pics up too if you want
  8. LJ_GQV

    Monthly Meet

    Still wish this was closer hopefully the new venue is a good 1
  9. Shows you're enjoying it more then
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