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  1. Fair play that looks awesome Although I kind of prefer the first one!
  2. Yep that didn't quite work Harry - where can I get the gel badges from? Had them on my gtv but can't find them now.
  3. Pre facelift. Not worried about colour. Ta
  4. Will do as soon as I have a chance mate
  5. Surface is flat though
  6. I can print keyrings/mugs/coasters etc. Pretty much anything that's flat. it'll cost you though:)
  7. I like them............subtle
  8. 2spark


    Nope Had another look and still one fugly car. some stunning bits but put together all wrong somehow imo
  9. 2spark

    Hey :) ;)

    Hi Alice and welcome. I'm Sparky...........Not Single.
  10. 2spark

    Hey :) ;)

    Sorry! Thought I was on POF for a minute there..........................Carry on
  11. 2spark

    Hey :) ;)

    LJs single too and badass
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