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  1. My dogs don't bother with the postie, you'll be safe. They just like to play with the post
  2. Camping is awesome. Lets do it! Would still need to bring the dogs. I refuse to leave them anywhere
  3. Anjenha

    Hey :) ;)

    If NB can do it, anyone can! Welcome to the mad house Alice
  4. Oh how awful SO glad you're ok though I know it's shit, but the car is metal and plastic and foam rubber, replaceable, sort of...
  5. Shut your cakehole NB! Hi Mr Mac, Welcome in
  6. I Went from a vauxhall Nova to a Spider... As far as I see it I won!
  7. ME!?!? Filt... Oh alright. I love my car, Drove around europe for nine days in it and was comfy and carried everything we needed for for nine days camping (Believe it or not, the space is there if you look) I find it comfy to drive on long journeys, though not to be a passenger in, I must say.
  8. Don't find this myself, but I've always had the spider.
  9. Yes, me too! Loved the fact that they had to use a blinking plane to go and complain about fuel usage!! Idiots.
  10. No can do, busy at home DIY-ing and not a lot of free cash right now
  11. If you go back Smiffy, the first time I saw Tyas' car I fell in love
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