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  1. mokicat


    Its not stuck the last samples were late arriving. We will be ordering soon
  2. mokicat


    Its not stuck the last samples were late arriving. We will be ordering soon
  3. She is doing fine thanks half way through and getting good results. She has just moved into her first flat up in Glasgow today. She seems to be really enjoying it thanks.
  4. VInnie is hiding people in him? Is he what makes the engi e work? omg
  5. mokicat


    Yep lol anyway its all over now. Lets move onwards and upwards and try turn things around
  6. mokicat


    The last cold start......
  7. mokicat


    Yes you are correct nb you did get the vector with the logo to source a price stickers and to obtain samples well over a year ago. I was unaware that you had gone ahead and purchased 80. I knew you had samples as I recall you took them to the AD shindig. If I had seen samples and liked them then you would have been paid for them, at no time was there any assumption on my part that they would be donated. Neither would I expect any member to feel pressured into making any type of donation. We could show you the emails with the tooling and printing prices however I really don't think it would achieve anything. I think we have attempted to explain our situation as you have yours So lets just leave it as it is
  8. mokicat


    Yeah it's a sticker lmao
  9. Ooooooo I remember you now lol....sorry Ps daughter starting third year at Glasgow school of art after summer
  10. Come in and have a seat....welcome : thumbs:
  11. Yep it is Welcome by the way
  12. mokicat


    Nb Im not going to discuss this on here I have explained my position. ....so I guess you must be right...... Ps posts like that little rant of yours don't welcome new members ....just saying like
  13. mokicat


    The sticker issue has been for a few reasons. We need to buy in reasonable quantities to get reasonable prices and quality. Unfortunately we don't have loads of spare cash, and this site makes next to nothing .....so they have been delayed. They were also delayed as I wasn't here for months cos Waz was ill. We could have churned out rubbish ones but didn't. So OFFICIAL AD stickers will be here in a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience and rubbish management...but hey you have had something to moan about for the past year or so lol. The few people who have already paid will get them shortly, if others want them they can be ordered.
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