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  1. I found your original post. Thanks smaky
  2. Devious


    Hello and welcome.
  3. Smaky, do you physically have to adjust the rod? If so where is it found and is there a how to guide?
  4. Flew through with not one issue. Thanks for posting the Testers Guide Smaky
  5. Firstly you might not have to. It could be the sensors, actuator rod. Lots of possibilities. Smaky is our resident mechanic guru and I'm sure he'll offer up suggestions.
  6. Good enough for me. Otherwise I find it difficult to plaster lmfao Shocking ain't it. Lol It has gone a touch wayward though...
  7. I use a b&q trade card and that puts the Dover branch cheaper than Ashfords Screwfix.... Oh wait, that's wicks
  8. Thanks for the heads up. The "plan" isn't just for indies or car specific stuff, I want to go off and get what I can, from where I can that may benefit AD members.
  9. At the moment the talks are local. However, if I can get the likes of Europarts on board down here, that can be used as collateral nationally. I can and am more than happy to talk to any business anywhere in the country so if there's something specific you want targeted pm the details and ill have a crack at them.
  10. Not really. The Modded scene was dying on its arse, I had personal issues plus I took over as Operations Director for a steel stockholding firm in Oxford so I was too busy to give the time it needed
  11. Garages, motor factors, body shops an indi ice specialist and oddly a couple of b&b's (figured cos I'm in Dover that a few of you might use the port to get to Europe and may want a lay over before catching a ferry)
  12. ModRap+Ukmodified. All dead since the 4 of us who set them up handed it over to the next gen 5 years ago.
  13. Right, I am standing here right next to Mrs A. I too am for the forum and for its members. I want to do what I can for you guys drawing on the experience of being an administrator for a modified car forum with 8k members and 6k active members. I've got a rough idea of how these babies run. Yes I'm new here, no I don't know you all very well but I do understand this game, the costs involved and how it works. Which for the record is with your input. Don't treat me like a child, it's insulting. If you genuinely feel so passionate about Alfa Driver, use it creatively, not negatively. Since I've joined here, with the permission of Fi I've actively sought out discounts for members, spoken to all the major show grounds re 2013 and I'm working WITH the Founders to build a strong and unified corporate image, which will enable the production of the merchandise that YOU want. I intend on bringing ALL the reps together to discuss local and national meets/events/shows etc and to come up with ideas to generate revenue. Again this can only be done by working together and all pulling in the same direction.
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