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  1. Can Mr Smakey & anyone advise on the actual part number stamped on the screw in part on a Phase1 Mass Air Sensor that suits a Alfa Spider with "alloy rocker cover" ? I can't get mine apart till the special torx socket arrive & i want to see if I can order it in the mean time ! ? the whole part, number is #0280217111 but I need just the screw in section part number cheers please thank you ASAP
  2. Mr Smaky, if it is not that the belt breaks, rather the tensioner lets go, so would just changing the tensioner more often, would that help ?
  3. Mr Smaky, What sort of things need to to be done with the Alfa sele gearboxes to keep them going well for longer then ? so would a secondhand box be some advantage if it came from a wreck with rear collision damage ? the one I got an unmarked sensor out of ? surely the Alfa gearboxes should last like most other car gearboxes, a reasonable time unless Alfa's have another design flaw ? ? cheers
  4. Ok, I accept the fact that you know your stuff Mr Smaky & thank goodness, you certainly helped me & many out on here. What sort of things need to to be done with the Alfa sele gearboxes to keep them going well longer then ? With a box with suspected bearing problems like mine, how long will it go for & what sort of $$$ are involved in fixing it. Is a box from a wreck worth trying ? Out here at breakers are mostly just in cars that have done belt damage and people just junk them rather than repair them ? cheers
  5. OK, so what sort of cost does that involve Mr Smaky ? Is this a common fault of alfas ? what if I found a gearbox at a wrecker without a damaged sensor in it ? freaking hell !, how long does the alfa gearbox last for, I have a toyota celica with well over 420,000 klms on it with no problems ?
  6. thanks, also just as a point of interest, can you fit a 156 ECU into the phase 1 Spider ? Wondering, now I have both, a phase 1- 98 Spider & a 2001 - 156, I have noticed the156 rev response seems, is much more free ! Could there a reason for this, the Spider has approx 120.000 klms & the 156 170.000 klms not sure when Mass Air Sensors have been changed on either of them ?
  7. Hello, can anyone tell me the correct Bosch part number for the correct MAS to fit a phase 1 - 1998 spider 2.0lt TS with the Aluminium Cam Cover ? I believe they are different numbers to others TS engines ? thanks in advance, cheers
  8. thanks Mr Smaky, you & others on here have helped me greatly, got it all up & running great now, after a sensor change & a 15amp fuse hidden away up high under dash which fixed Speedo, ABS & Brake light etc. however whilst chasing the speed sensor problem, I also found a scored ended sensor, on gearbox . . . . bugger, will need to replace the GB & clutch possibly now I have found a car at a wreckers with a 120,000 klms gearbox with a speed sensor not scored. Do you reckon, the ex wrecker gearbox could be ok ? surely they last a reasonable time
  9. In a 2001 156 Selespeed is the ABS accessed via the same connector near/beside the steering wheel as for the engine, gearbox, etc or is there a specially hidden one someplace else just for the ABS ? thanks
  10. Where do these S pipes come from Mr Smaky ? please
  11. Hello, what do wire colors mean in VAG-COM connector ? like, is black ground ? white is ? red is ? etc some instructions say, ABS to pin 1 what color is ABS ? I'm trying to mod a connector to read ABS as well, so much confusing info out there. Pm'd Rarebear to buy his cable but no reply, trying to sort in meantime ? help needed please thanks
  12. yeah but, that seller won't post the australia for some reason, doesn't help right now, need to get the car rolling again ASAP ! thanks anyway Smaky
  13. Mr Smaky, if your using MES what cables & adaptors do you use to connect to the ABS on your selespeeds ? Have you a special adaptor or did you modify one ? Please ?
  14. How do you replace the ABS unit if it was to need doing ? is it a drama ? what about bleeding etc does the unit do it by itself ?
  15. how do you modify a vag-com connector so it will also connect with the ABS without having to purchase a special connector for use with a MES full version ? I have heard you modify connections somehow ? need to find out asap while I have time over Easter to do it please ?
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