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  1. New Car

    Nice bus Is that the Yorkshire Traction Engine Red ???
  2. Mito 1.6 Jtdm Clutch

    Where can I get an uprated top dogs bollocks replacement clutch from ffs The re-map I had done has fucked up the original clutch big time.
  3. A few flaws in there that stopped me in my tracks so will do it the old fashioned way... 56 year old, 9 years NCB driving an 09 reg Alfa Romeo 1.6 jtdm Mito ! A few changes as in... Different wheels from standard, lowered,rear tinted windows, re-mapped, non standard rear valance, duplex exhaust, re-badged, 1/4 carbon vinyl wrapped, upper strut brace, Italian Tricolor stickers .... Quote me good and quote me here mucker
  4. Hello From Italy By A Gta Selspeed

    What he said... Tried joining the Italian Mito owners club myself to no avail
  5. New Alfa

    'kin dogs danglies
  6. Hello All

  7. Italian Masters Car Show

    Might just do that Mrs A, thanks for the heads up
  8. Hello All

    Well someone had to be Joking apart...Welcome to the depleting fold
  9. 159 Estate... Any Pointers ?

    @ 50p a go 'kin dead right :Big Grin:
  10. 159 Estate... Any Pointers ?

    Will it clash with the Orange bits though ??? http://s1266.photobucket.com/user/northernbstard/media/20150504_140136_zpsey0zfvjv.mp4.html?sort=3&o=1
  11. Wanted Old Skool Bmx's

    http://www.ebay.co.u...m2c9a69c2d Any good Slim ?
  12. 159 Estate... Any Pointers ?

    I'm after the taxman again :Big Grin: It's easier to climb out the back window
  13. 159 Estate... Any Pointers ?

    'kin hard work getting in for sure... Our Gert gives me a peg up to the door runners ffs
  14. Howdy

    'ow do :Big Grin:
  15. 159 Estate... Any Pointers ?

    Ended up buying this thug I need a bigger driveway methinks