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  1. I'm giving up sexual innuendos for lent...It's so 'kin hard !

  2. Nice bus Is that the Yorkshire Traction Engine Red ???
  3. I was quite clever at school...I got more 'A's than a scouser trying to break up a fight !

  4. If you're easily offended...Go fuck yourself !

  5. Brexiteer , NEVER a 'Remoaner'

  6. I'm not old...I'm developed !!!

  7. Teamwork, makes the dream work ....

  8. My wish is to go thru more middle aged women than Gordons Gin !

  9. I'd like to go thru more middle aged women than Gordons Gin

  10. Where can I get an uprated top dogs bollocks replacement clutch from ffs The re-map I had done has fucked up the original clutch big time.
  11. A few flaws in there that stopped me in my tracks so will do it the old fashioned way... 56 year old, 9 years NCB driving an 09 reg Alfa Romeo 1.6 jtdm Mito ! A few changes as in... Different wheels from standard, lowered,rear tinted windows, re-mapped, non standard rear valance, duplex exhaust, re-badged, 1/4 carbon vinyl wrapped, upper strut brace, Italian Tricolor stickers .... Quote me good and quote me here mucker
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