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  1. Nice work Thought about trying one of the Meguiars kits - anyone any experience? http://www.meguiars.co.uk/latest-news/2035
  2. "Bella" is an Italian word in its own right with several different meanings. In this context it translates as either "beauty" or perhaps more appropriately "sweetheart". And they ain't wrong!
  3. I think I had the same set (for my birthday in 1979). Or it might have been Parmalat sponsored, can't remember? I later had an Escort Mk2, which used to beat my mate's Saudia Williams - highly realistic obviously!
  4. If I'm around I'm in
  5. Good to see the Martini colours back in racing. wonder if Williams will have girls on roller skates serving drinks?
  6. Welcome to the obsessives club, Not much to add to what's been said above, except check the condition of your car thoroughly before starting. If there's any rust bubbles or paint repairs then only apply products by hand, and very carefully at that. May sound stupid, but also make sure there's as much light (pref natural) as possible. (I speak from experience gained the hard way, having vigorously clayed what I thought was road tar in the near dark, only to discover in the morning that it was a badly executed stone chip repair that I'd pulled clean off. ) If you want scary level advice (such as whether it's best to use nylon or horse hair brushes to dust your brushed aluminium gear lever surround) head over to http://www.detailingworld.co.uk You have been warned....
  7. I believe K9d already covered that! Who’dve thought that a collaboration between Cyndi Lauper, George Michael and, err, Right Said Fred, would lead to half of Hertfordshire being destroyed?
  8. Thanks for the offer Craig, but hopefully your Sele will last a fair bit longer yet!! Think I'm gonna buy some doors off fleabay for when the weather improves. They come completely "unfurnished", so will be easier to dynamat then switch the internals from the current doors. Not a fan of the Bose system TBH, Don't get me wrong, it's significantly better than the standard setup, and isn't bad as these things go. Just that I've been spoiled with custom time corrected systems in the past, so the Bose just sounds flat and lacking in mid-range to my tuned ear (a bit like their headphones IMHO). Wish I hadn't gone there in the first place though, as it's a stupidly expensive hobby.
  9. Some old twat reversed his brand new E-Class into my 147 over the Christmas period. I took the door skin off and push most of it out, but it’s still creased and “flexibleâ€. Couldn’t really go mad at the panzer driver though. Cos he’s my Dad!! On the bright side, the 147 needed new doors anyway*, so he’s offered to pay for them both! So, am after a pair of 693 Met (azzurro gabbiano) doors for a 3dr pre-facelift 147 if anyone knows of any? Must be free from major scratches, dings etc, but I have all the gear (and some idea of how) to polish them up. Is changing the doors a fairly simple job or best left to the pros? * = the passenger’s has a bit of rust at the bottom where it’s been hitting a low wall where we used to live. The driver’s has a poorly carried out stone chip repair from years ago, which came off when I was claying it
  10. Anyone (apart from LJ) taking part in this, down Brizzle my luvver? http://www.biamf.co.uk/ It's on Easter Saturday, so plenty of excuses to eat chocolate and bring the kids. Cars (and passion wagons K9d) taking part have to book in advance, but bikes can just turn up (which if the weather is nice what I'll be bringing. If not, hitching a lift with LJ).
  11. Had the pleasure of going out in this beast and it's great fun Def needed to be silenced, though I shall miss the looks on fellow drivers' faces when we went past. More of a sleeper now, which is better IMHO.
  12. Thought your avatar was a bit much though LJ...
  13. It's only £3 to get in! But then there's always the petrol money...(thieving bar stewards).
  14. Why not watch the Italian GP on the big screen at Sharnbrook this Sunday, and oggle some real life Supercars too? (See London & South East Events forum).
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