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  1. Know there's a few Motorsport fans on here so thought I'd post this. I've been to several Motorsport events at Silverstone and decided I'm going to WEC this year. Tickets excelllent value. 18th-20th April (Easter Weekend). http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2014-FIA-World-Endurance-Championship/
  2. Off To

    You know what I mean!
  3. Off To

    Hope you get it.
  4. Off To

    I love to see BMWs in pale metallics personally - especially silver (I chose silver with red leather for my 320d Coupe SE). Go for it, Tyas,.....bloody gorgeous.
  5. Brooklands Auto Italia 3Rd May 2014

    This year I'm going again all being well (although said that last year!) Will meet up somewhere on way if we stay over the night before.
  6. How did your bella do? General tips?

    In total £500 + £120 for the Pirelli. Sure they did re handbrake - always used to go to these guys before and they're meticulous.
  7. How did your bella do? General tips?

    Divo cost just under £500 to get through MOT last Monday, the most ever (plus I'd just replaced one of P zeros). Upper/lower wishbones were main expense. handbrake has never been right since it was totally f*cked up last year at another MOT place, so that needed putting right too amongst other things. Seriously poor now, but hey.....it's only money. Divo is like a new car.
  8. Potential Owner!

    Hey Trev I've owned a 159 1.9 JTDM - beautiful motor. Good luck in your search.
  9. Your Favourite Alfa

    On looks alone (not counting 8c or Gloria), probably the Brera. *Super-imposes a hot guy in tiny shorts on bonnet*
  10. Please Tell Me...

    Dreadful. His ebay name should be 'Porn-King.' Hmmmm, are we sure it's no-one on here?
  11. Hello From Coningsby

    Hi and welcome.
  12. Rip Paul Walker

    Yes, statement said for 'Reach Out Worldwide,' which is his organisation. I liked them too, watched them with my eldest son who's a big fan. A little sexist, granted but pretty harmless. I actually cried when I saw the news Sunday morning.
  13. Rip Paul Walker

    Was so shocked/sad to hear of his tragic death after Porsche he was travelling in crashed and caught fire. Watched all the Fast & Furious movies - a talented and gorgeous guy. RIP.
  14. Greetings From Portugal

    I try!
  15. Alfa Problems

    Sounds like the perfect garage.