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  1. Is the classicline no's the old legacy part no?
  2. The fact you have changed it and it now reads a better temp would suggest the old one was faulty
  3. Ecncyclopedia britannica. Facts, opinions, BRITISH What what
  4. I run KW's on the 156 but GAZ on the classic BMW. They made them specially when I asked as it's hard to get anything for an old E12. If you ring them up they may be able to help.
  5. good point. Encylopedia a better choice?
  6. Not bloody good enough mate. We rely on you as our bible. Now hop to it and go find out
  7. Gay....... Wind deflectors.
  8. Everything flexes mate. and anyway aren't the struts mounted to the strut turrets which are then mounted to the bulkhead like most other cars
  9. I have a rear and front strut brace. Can't say I notice a massive difference but looks nice and it all helps.
  10. Glad you are enjoying it mate
  11. Haven't any of the ebay breakers got any? Autolusso etc?
  12. Btw you'll need new brembo specific brake lines and the brake pipe metal support and 2 copper s pipes made up as well for both sides. You'd need this anyway even if you just use the brackets
  13. Just buy gta uprights. Press your hubs into the uprights. There is discussion over the track rod ends but I don't remember having to change mine. Job done. All loks factory then
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