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  1. Hello and welcome to Alfa Driver
  2. Starkers


    Only just seen this, did anything come of it? I'd be up for it.
  3. Wow, I haven't been on here for a few days and I come back and find this, plus the bar at the bottom Good work munky boy munk
  4. You're special. Morgan has a bus for you.
  5. Starkers

    Irish Franko

    Bloody hell Franko, what did you post to make Sparky serious? Actually on second thoughts probably best not to repeat it . Anyway, as the fellas and lasses above have said, welcome to AD - come inside, crack open a beer and make yourself at home
  6. Yay! Welcome to Alfa Driver Miss AR. It is a good place to be
  7. The pit lane cock up by Ferrari not getting the tyres on quickly enough, thereby denying Massa 4th place was funny. Well done Lewis.
  8. With 5 laps to go, Webber still has to stop for tyres. Hopefully it will be good work Lewis...
  9. Just watching it now, just seen a great battle between Mark "I can't launch my car properly" Webber and Lewis Hamilton. Not sure what's wroong with Vettel / his car, he's not having a good weekend.
  10. Starkers


    Oops, I think I made the wrong vote It's the taking part in democracy that counts though, right?
  11. Starkers


    I'm going to be me and ask if we can have a forum of stickies.... *puts on tin hat and flame suit*
  12. See, it looks like English, and it sounds like English... ... But I can't understand a word of it! Looks like you've found a friend in Starkers, moon_blue. @ Starkers - try not to scare him off, there's a good chap. Moi? I'm one of the good people!
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