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  1. Ditto, I was a bastard long before I started driving bmws.
  2. I didn't. I just agreed with someone.
  3. I don't think anyone actually cares that much tbh.
  4. And that's why he wins. Senna died... Zanardi overcame...
  5. If he's willing to travel I can get him a good but cheap white base + clear blowover for a couple of hundred in Plymouth.
  6. Lol ok, hell of an angle Sadly that's my only suggestion as to the possible causes... So I'll leave you in smakys capable hands. Don't forget to use the doll to show the doctor where he touched you....
  7. Do you know what 'centered' means? I'm guessing No... ?
  8. Rumour has it you scored an ASBO? If not scored, deserved...
  9. jhc

    Another Oil Leak...

    Hard to argue with preventative measures. A close eye on the warning lights and a can of oil in the boot should hold things off. A few water bottles can't help either. Then smaky will come and tell you I'm a.moron and what's actually wrong and everyone's a winner.
  10. Visual contact... Complete. Now we just need someone to talk to him and confirm he has real human emotions/responses (not you k9d, I have my suspicions about you too) and we'll be safe from the AR r&d robot invasion... For now...
  11. jhc

    Another Oil Leak...

    Ps, sounds like you need a new rocker cover gasket and the correct tightening sequence/torque figures.
  12. jhc

    Another Oil Leak...

    God can't help you now. God hates Alfa drivers. And he REALLY hates Smaky. It's nothing to do with Alfas, it's just cos he's a bastard.
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