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  1. Like these two... www.harry-p.co.uk
  2. This one was red, had twin exhausts and carbon bits, I never had a chance to go and have a proper look and take photo's! www.harry-p.co.uk
  3. I have some good dark grey leather 156 seats in my garage. .. www.harry-p.co.uk
  4. I swear I saw a mito gta in Lytham Saint Anne's today! Had a double take at it! It's a mile or so from my hotel so will go and have and look tomorrow! www.harry-p.co.uk
  5. HarryP156


    Ever driven round London lol. I'm regually there in a coach and the way they drive I'm not surprised this has happened! www.harry-p.co.uk
  6. Or a race car... www.harry-p.co.uk
  7. I'm just wondering If anyone (smacky) knows how much my swagon can tow? Legally that is lol www.harry-p.co.uk
  8. Just a guess but I think I may need new discs and pads! The rear is the same! www.harry-p.co.uk
  9. How much you had to drink?! www.harry-p.co.uk
  10. Don't be silly www.harry-p.co.uk
  11. I'm definitely not a mechanic but I can do basic bits but even so I think these were a bit past it... She's now had 2 new top arms and 2 new anti roll bars, next on the list is pads and discs, front and rear 😢 www.harry-p.co.uk
  12. Yes it may be the wires for bose but it may be something else! www.harry-p.co.uk
  13. Bose? I'm sure smacky will be along shortly to confirm or tell me I'm wrong lol www.harry-p.co.uk
  14. Oh no offer to fit it 😅 www.harry-p.co.uk
  15. I have a whitter towbar to be fitted to my 156 swagon. Anyone know if it just bolt on (like my old pt cruiser) or do I have to drill holes? Many thanks Harry www.harry-p.co.uk
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