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  1. For American engine and Italian styling I much prefer West Brom's finest, Just don't get a Friday car. The modern interpretation's not bad either, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnvWnHjdmwE
  2. Says the man who wants a plastic bodied Triumph Stag......
  3. Always liked that 75, here's a couple of snaps I took of it at NAD '09.
  4. Nice, just look at those slender pillars.
  5. Of course he got rid of it, it's a FIVE DOOR Golf. It's like a 5 door classic SAAB 900, everyone wants the 3 door (the 2 and 4 door are even worse).
  6. How about a Wolseley Wedge or Austin Ambassador? http://www.aronline.co.uk/blogs/cars/austin-morris/princessambassador/the-cars-princessambassador-development-history/ Note: Morgan may like to view the Rover Sterling Coupe section. http://www.aronline.co.uk/blogs/cars/rover/800/the-cars-rover-800-coupe/
  7. How about some classically styled Swedish steel? Wings, spoilers, side-skirts and stripes, all the excesses of the eighties. No cats, airbags, or electronic driver aids just 200 angry Elks trying to destroy your front tyres. Caveat: I do have one of these on the drive, next to my Aero. and that IS Erik Carlsson standing by the passenger door.
  8. Waiting for a 3.2 166 to depreciate into my price range. (and a SAAB 9-5 Aero 2.8T V6 XWD)
  9. Had a look at the Kia site, there's a Cee'd on the main page (next to the prices from £13k) for just shy of £20k. £20k for Top Gear's reasonably priced car. http://www.kia.co.uk/new-cars/range/mid-sized-cars/new-ceed.aspx WARNING!! Their site is far to noisy, makes beeps, bangs and gongs when you move your mouse/pointer over a picture link.
  10. Just got a five-door 2.0 diesel Escort Focus to £30k.
  11. How about the nice red car behind it. I think it's a Celica.
  12. It's the drink that keeps on giving, all I could taste was that fancy herb muffin that was on with dinner.
  13. Got some from my 'phone. Not the best, mostly of the Band, but I do remember having a couple of short drinks during the evening. The way in, Would you buy some AD merchandise from this man? Nice three-piece.... Gaz's Fripp-ery. Poorly Anj, what a trooper. Now with added bass And this is what happens when you hit the EFFECTS button, rather than SHUTTER button on your 'phone.
  14. Well there's one DMR track on my iPod (Gino), so you may have heard it there.... but you were mostly listening to, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5sjScGm3xc
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