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  1. Itchy

    So many old faces

    When I read the thread title, I thought you were going to burst into song, with James Blunt's latest release
  2. Ha! I can call you MarkoLeRosso over here rather than MarkoLeVert Welcome aboard the good ship AD
  3. I think you'll find I signed up before you spammed my Farcebook page Hiya Skell lad and Mrs Pickle-Bum
  4. Hi Rewe, right back at ya (trying to sound all hip 'n' trendy, like) I trust you're keeping well my friend?
  5. You've been moderated all ready I hope it was at least three infraction points ;-)
  6. ...AlfaSpud He made me sign up by posting 'Do it, Do it' on my Farcebook wall Anyway, my name's Itchy and I'm addicted to Alfa's. Now, can a forum 'elder' kindly point me in the direction of where and what the noobs are allowed to post Great work on getting this site set up though Its nice to have the 'choice' of where to enjoy some general chit-chat, with like minded folks. Well done Admin Team
  7. ....Alfaholic. What a refreshing change. Munky (and whomever else is behind this idea Good skills
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