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  1. DUH ! I should have had a closer look at the car park to know you weren't over here when you took the pic ! Oh, and I knew because I used to be a Yank ! ( still am, technically ) Very desirable black number plate, indicates the car probably spent its life in California, contributing to its excellent condition...
  2. Skoda Octavia 4x4 estate is a pretty nice package, and great value for money...lots of near-new demo cars out there for sub-£20K. I am considering one for my next company car, to replace my 54 plate Subaru Outback with intergalactic mileage. I would love another Subie, but they are so overpriced...and so damned ugly now, as well.
  3. garwood1


    How ? A stunt team couldn't place a car so precisely in a hole like that...and at typical London speeds ? Puzzled in Herefordshire.
  4. Car MOT'd, taxed and back on the road now, just need a good meet to go to. Had another thought...anyone else on here go to Shelsley Walsh for the hillclimbs ? They are always good fun, and the car park is like a car show, usually...Just a thought.
  5. Looks like a 1956 Ford...Park Lane, perhaps ? Nice looking car...what the hell is it doing over here, I wonder ?!?
  6. Just renewed my membership yesterday...I had lapsed for a few years. Lots of discount schemes with the club too, on oils, tyres, etc.
  7. Saw you this afternoon in Hereford @ 4:45pm...I was sitting at traffic lights next to KFC, leaving the hospital in a dk green KA, you cruised across the intersection directly in front of me...unmistakable ! Nice car.
  8. Better get my carburetors back on then...
  9. How does the 2.0TS perform vs. the V6 in a car of this size ? Does the TS have sufficient poke ? It looks a tremendous bargain, and also appears to have been very well-kept by current owner.
  10. garwood1


    I'll be burned at the stake for saying so, but I prefer the 'donor' 8C.
  11. garwood1

    Area reps.

    Doing a 'rally' on Oct 13, sponsored by Hilltop Minis, in aid of Afghan Heroes. That should be fun...2 other S2 Spiders coming along, if all goes to plan. I want to get in as many trips as possible before my road tax runs out end of October ! Cotswolds are always nice...there is a hillclimb event at Prescott on Oct 6, in conjunction with the IAMC.
  12. Definition of FUBAR: See above.
  13. Man, it looks even WORSE in these pics. You are one lucky guy to have walked away with nothing more than a chinese burn... Interesting forensics on this accident...In a very similar fashion, when my engine was rebuilt, the highly respected specialist who did the work had removed the centre link from the front suspension to make motor removal/installation easier. When car was returned, he had left off the nuts from the end links. The centre link fell off just as I pulled into a parking space at my destination, following a 100 mile motorway journey... Though I'm not religious on the whole, I'm a big believer in 'guardian angels'. Metal and plastic indeed...there are always more out there, if you are intent on getting another.
  14. garwood1

    Area reps.

    It would be great to get in a few more runs before the weather turns rotten...I know 2 other chaps also with S2 Spiders who would come along.
  15. garwood1

    Area reps.

    So they are......thanks. Not sure how I missed them before. Shoulda gone to Specsavers.....
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