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  1. Free 147 1.6 Twin Spark Engine

    Whereabouts are you? I could use a spare in case mine goes pop
  2. Morgan's Got A New Toy

    I'm currently considering an A6 estate...right, that's it, rename the forum.
  3. Morgan's Got A New Toy

    I like it.
  4. The Giulia - 159 replacement

    If only...:drool:
  5. http://www.autoblog.com/2013/03/28/audi-rumored-to-buy-alfa-romeo-officials-deny-it/ What do you think? Just rumours or are Fiat finally considering giving into VW's constant pestering?
  6. 95Ron Or 98Ron - That Is The Question...

    So basically it said "use only petrol. Diesel might slow it down a bit." I'd hate to drive something running on less than 88 ron...
  7. Broken Handbrake

    Dominos ones are the worst...
  8. How Much

    Actually...285 quid on insurance.
  9. How Much

    0. Yet.
  10. He was in the middle of sabotaging Nigels car so was typing one handed lol
  11. Vws...

    It's not so much the fact it does it. It's the fact that in the bloody vehicle user manual, it says 'to turn this feature off, remove the corresponding fuse'. WTF?
  12. Vws...

    Automatic or just dipped beam constantly turned on?
  13. Hello.......

    Welcome Nice motors (both of them, ignore this lot). Oh, if you ask techie questions about the BMW you may be ignored completely
  14. That's gorgeous. Why are you selling?