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  1. WTFH

    New Alfa

    It's not a proper Alfa. The last proper Alfa was the *insert your current Alfa that is at least 10 years old, or the last Alfa you owned*. Ever since then they haven't made a proper Alfa. Will there be a coupe or soft top variant?
  2. Did you take a photo of it? Was it draining from the wiring or from the radio? Thoughts: Something decomposing (maybe a product that has fallen down around the dashboard or crawled in an air vent) Battery gone wrong (e.g. backup battery in radio) Martian Love Juice.
  3. WTFH


    Welcome, 159Master
  4. It's not a proper Alfa.
  5. WTFH

    Decision Time.

    you could have had a very nice 2nd hand Giulietta a few weeks ago. Low mileage, stuffed with extras, in great condition.
  6. K9d, the wife prefers a rod that doesn't speed too quickly
  7. Just one photo to show so far (until I edit out the number plate). I'm taking it gently for the first few hundred miles until I get used to it. The bits that make me smile... 1. Electrically closing boot 2. 43mph per 1000rpm in 7th 3. 4wd grip when using the throttle round corners 4. A footrest for my left foot 5. Good satnav/sound system The bits that don't make me smile 1. Not being able to wave at Alfa drivers. 2. The controls for the satnav/sound system are different, so I have to think before using the. That will come with time.
  8. <a href=" title="The G when it's clean by PSJ Picdump, on Flickr"><img src="https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5183/5555392559_c994da1548_z.jpg" width="640" height="453" alt="The G when it's clean"></a> It's going on Wednesday of next week if no one makes an offer sooner
  9. Yup, 245bhp diesel, 7 speed auto, raised suspension, high profile tyres. (OK, Im joking about the tyres, what I mean is it's the standard 18" wheels, not some pointless townie 20" ones that would be destroyed the first time I drove the car up the lane to get home)
  10. You might have noticed from the other thread I started recently that my G is now for sale. I've changed contracts recently and have treated myself to an A4 Allroad V6.
  11. New car arrives in a couple of weeks. 33,000miles, recently serviced by Rusper Alfa, new front droplinks. Heated leather seats, sat nav, fitted with summer tyres, but a set of winters will be thrown in too. As for the bodywork, she was wrapped in ventureshield (plastic film) before she left the showroom, so the paint is as new, apart from one ding on the driver's door (trolley in a supermarket car park) and a mark on the front bumper. I'll be putting it on Autotrader for £9,500, but would accept £9,000 from an AlfaDriver. (Photos to follow)
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