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  1. Very long schlep for me, I'll be up in Scotland
  2. Its that good, it wants double recommendations
  3. Gaz

    33 Project

    Are you burning any oil? Any blue smoke from the exhaust? If its sparking and getting fuel but the plug is damp, that says a timing issue to me
  4. Something in my head tells me its the Toyota Corolla. Could be the Beetle though Both shit anyway
  5. 225/40/18 seems a safe bet
  6. Cam belts aside, the V6 is not known for being particularly unreliable, is it? Therefore, you have to question the quality of the work done by the garage in question. Its all very well blaming this part and that part but is it really that part or is it the fact that you dont actually know what you are doing?
  7. I am not surprised Nigel is moving on to a classic What i am surprised at is that his GTA is still going. Has it not had another new engine yet? Must be due one
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