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  1. Its a sad state of affairs when the car you put so much money into goes bang in less than 2 years and less than 12,000 miles. He has had quite a few problems with this car and now the reliability issues are coming out. Just before christmas his cambelt slipped a couple of teeth,it was retimed put back together and given a clean bill of health. Our own Tech guru Smaky,forwarned that the days of the engine were numbered,on this he was right. Now what for Nigel,his car is off the road and the investment in a reliable engine down the plughole. He has had three clutches and numerous other glitches. If Nigel was a rag it everywhere sought of guy I perhaps would understand,but he is not. All he wants now is his car back with a 3.2 that works as it is his everyday car, and leave the tuning to the professionals! As it is a hell of alot of money to lose!! And thats why I have never gone down the 3.7/8 route.
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