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  1. welcome Trev I would think at that mileage it should have had a couple of cambelt and waterpump changes! make sure it has just had one or you will be needing to get it done!! mb
  2. I have the old steelies from my GT with winter tyres on, will the wheels fit HIDs Giulietta?
  3. moon_blue


    so by that logic is an Alfa not a fiat?
  4. The latest incarnation of the disco volante, I think that the workover has really taken the classic styling and not overdone it, it really is a Bella! But a more realistic car that I could own would be a 33p4, I had one and was really gutted when it's new owner drove it away!
  5. moon_blue


    as you say you only get one shot, enjoy it!
  6. moon_blue


    can you imagine owning that? it would cost the same for a year to run it, tax, insurance and lets not forget FUEL! are you American?
  7. moon_blue


    I think you have taken this comment out of context, you in your op were referring to a 'chelsea tractor' which is not what you would call either the quattro or the 159. A chelsea tractor is a slang term for "Any expensive 4x4 that is driven in an urban environment as a status symbol (typically for the school run) and will never be driven off-road. Look, that Chelsea Tractor nearly flattened that kid!" http://www.urbandict...Chelsea Tractor What about a Fiat Panda 4x4? fun to drive, good in the snow and economical. Unfortunately or in the last case fortunately, though it doesen't even make a reading on the 'egometer', 'status-symbol'o'meter' or 'kiddykiller'o'meter.
  8. moon_blue


    absolute waste of road room. Up here in Aberdeen 4x4s are 'kin everywhere and are only purchased for one purpose, status symbols and only used for one purpose, taking the kiddiwinks to school. we find that due to the wide track they are able to straddle sleeping policemen so the theory of them being safer if lost as mummy and daddy drive far too fast down small residential streets, ok the kids in the 'car' are safe but the kids walking to school dont stand a chance against a 2 ton truck going way too fast with a bumper height conveniently the same as 5-8 year olds, ie the age where judging the speed on an oncoming tank has not been learned yet. I could rant for ages, but I will save that for when someone comes along and extols the virtues of driving a 2 ton 4x4 in a town!!
  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/31413272@N00/67199915
  10. moon_blue


    I've seen the press pics, but this somehow makes it real. Best start saving it bootiful!
  11. thanks LJ <goes off to look in the accessories cat> DAMN YOU
  12. twin exhausts = WIN :Big Grin: its an ex-demo so was spec'd with them from the factory so as far as the insurance is concerned its not a mod
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