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  1. supposedly, the center spark does that also. still don't get it. unless side spark plugs fire at a slight different timing from the main ones...
  2. 11.43 V is not good. 12.1 V is bad enough. 12.6 would be for a fully charged battery. try jump starting. if it starts, then you got a bad battery.
  3. try starting it by pushing down the road in 2nd gear. key in and turned on.
  4. it's coming back again, and again, and again... also tried some paint over it, but the bloody acid spills up the battery over and over...
  5. oops! I did it again... stich is different and with black thread.
  6. is it possible and easier to just take the solenoid out without removing the whole starter?
  7. by christmas I'll be redoing this another way...
  8. Sorry for the stupid question. Have to go for the obvious first, check for loose cables, contacts, if I can get there... anyway, definitely looks like room temperature has something to do with it...
  9. Hi Smaky! Just noticed that the starter is failing when exterior temp is a bit warm. when it is cold outside it starts fine. also, engine coolant temp is not related whatsoever. starts fine with hot or cold engine, as long as outside temp is cold. could it be a bad contact somewhere that gets worse when outside temp gets higher? any suggestions where?
  10. it's white, white, grey, black from your left to right on my 00' 156 1.8 TS as you open the bonnet.
  11. sorry, Alex. couldn't get the 3rd bolt out.
  12. thanks. did the same to my 146 and ended up a bit better.
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