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Found 2 results

  1. For Sale, a beautiful 09 2 litre JTS Selespeed 156 Veloce 47k miles as I remember. Car's been stood for a year as it requires a new clutch and release bearing - and we know just how fiddly a job it is. Plus a few other niggling things doing. She's black, fully loaded - the leather seats are fantastic. NO rust! I'm in Manchester/Bury and the car will need a transporter to take her away. A good clean and she would be stunning. These are getting rare now with only 28 left according to "How Many Left" Serious offers please. ASAP. I'd hate to see a future classic car scrapped. Plus I'll miss her
  2. I'll give it a shot here on AD as well, hoping that someone could give good advice And yes, this will be "JTS motor control system failure/lambda faulty?" thread number ten thousand. Sorry for those of you who I've bother on AO, ausalfa and alfa156-net.. Long story short: have had my may-2004 2.0 JTS with 118k km for almost two years now and motor control system failure light has been on and off (mostly on). No noticable running problems or misfires. Previous owners have used £1600+ to try to solve MSCF warning lights..(!) History: 2009: 62000 km: MSCF, both lower lambdas changed 2010: 64000 km: MSCF, both upper lambdas changed, cat inspected 2010: 68000 km: MSCF, P0420 cat 1 2011: MSCF, cat 1 and 2 above upper limit 2012: 9x000 km: MSCF, misfire cylinder 4(?), 1 coil changed. 2013: 100000 km: MSCF mostly on. Inlet cam checked for wear at workshop, OK 2013: 102000 km: 3 coils replaced, all are 2012 or newer. MSCF light came back after 100 km (P0420 and P0430) 2013: 103350 km: Spark plugs replaced. 800 km with no MSCF, then it came back. 2014: 108000 km: Serviced at workshop, which had previously replaced lambdas. Same error codes, but this time I told them to keep their hands off. 2014: 118000 km: Had to replace oil sump, and I purchased a new maniverter/catalyst from Belton Massey since this has to come off to do the oil sump. By some huge misfortune, the maniverter was not fabricated to tolerances, and would not fit properly (this one: http://www.cats2u.co...A-ROMEO/156/2.0). So the old catalyst had to be installed, and I was not able to rule this out as the cause of the errors. 3 new error codes as well that have not previously been seen: P0156 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 2) P1161 Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) Heater Control Circuit (Bank 2 - Sensor 2) P2237 O2 Sensor Positive Current Control Circuit / Open (Bank 1 - Sensor 1) The mechanic, who has 25+ years of experience with Alfas commented that the thermostat seemed to open a bit early, suspecting that some low quality part was fitted 3-4 years back when it was replaced. He said that the old catalyst monoliths didn't look too bad, but that the engine seemed to be running hot based on the appearance of the lambdas. Couldn't catch all the details here. He reset the adaptation parameters and the car ran for ~200 km before errors showed up (P0420 and P0430). But still no noticeable issues on performance. My self I have changed coils and spark plugs as per above, and cleaned and checked all the small and large connectors in the engine bay. Should I try to get a new, original catalyst? Air or exhaust leaks? Is it the injectors? Connectors or cables? <-- the 3 new error codes seem random and don't make sense to me, at least Is the engine coked up and needs a cleaning? Keeping in mind that the engine runs and revs as happy as the day I bought it. No issues or hesitation, good power, emissions OK. All help hugely appreciated
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