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  1. Afternoon folks. Recently replaced upper and lower wishbones on my 147, had to get a replacement hub carrier and fitted a new Abs sensor. Now I have the abs and asr warning lights up, what information should I be getting from the multimeter? Or is there something I have not done when fitting the new one? P.s. bloody thing is still knocking over bumps
  2. Turns out to be that resistor just above the radiator that controls the fan speeds when it gets hot, small drain going through that.
  3. Update, not the battery at fault but something that is draining the battery. Put a new battery in Thursday, didn't use the car at the weekend, and it was dead with the dashboard disco yesterday morning, So now I guess I have to hunt the drain.
  4. Nope no dashboard disco, which is why I didn't suspect the battery.
  5. Nope no dashboard disco, which is why I didn't suspect the battery.
  6. Update, battery wasn't full of life Battery completely dead, now to find out what's killed it.
  7. Update, I didn't have my multimeter at work yesterday, but I just checked across the terminals and it's reading 11.43 volts.surely the starter would attempt at that voltage?
  8. Evening peoples. Alfa 156 selespeed 2000 Got in the car to go home after work and it wouldn't start, won't even turn over, after, when you let the key spring back you here a clonk, which I'm guessing is the starter, battery full of life, thought the engine may have seized, but I got it to turn over by selecting 3rd and pushing it forward a couple of feet, all leads are tight, any ideas?
  9. Was the lower wishbone rear bush like you said, coupled to someone attempting to steal my alloys but gave up when they found the locking wheel nuts.
  10. It's now banging away when I come of the throttle.
  11. Evening folks Anybody got any ideas as to a clunk that I can feel through my left foot when moving forward after reversing in my 156 ?
  12. Yeah I can understand that feeling, its pissing down with rain and the nuts holding the hub in place came off easily enough, but getting the bolts out is an entirely different Morphy Richards of haddock, What a pain in the cock this is turning into.
  13. Looking through the paperwork it needed three shocks to pass the last Mot and had the last one as an advisory, guess the previous owner just hadn't got round to it.
  14. Just looked all over the car (went to spray wd40 on what I expect to be seized) to find three new shocks already fitted, hmmm this is getting interesting
  15. Well that was interesting, Just driving across town and there was a pop from the rear followed by a serious rubbing noise, looked under the rear arch and the shock bottom collar had parted ways and was being forced against the tyre. Luckily there was a brand new rear strut in the boot when I bought the car ( coincidence?)
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