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  1. How Big Is....

    Thanks again, I'll change that hose as well. 😊
  2. How Big Is....

    :-) did it this afternoon. The pipe directly beneath it, I'd that the same size? It looks bigger Thanks Smaky!
  3. How Big Is....

    As ever thanks Smaky!
  4. How Big Is....

    Hi All, On my 156 2.4JTDM 20v a vacuum hose is starting to split. I want to replace it, so does anyone know the correct internal diameter for the hose in the pic below? Its at the front of the engine bay. I measured it to be 4mm, but it seems the sizes for the car are 3.2 and 5mm. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. New Gtv!

    looks like i've found the cylinder head cover fastening screw torgue = 9-11Nm
  6. New Gtv!

    Hi Smaky, Well I owe this an update.... Umm no, I've managed to replace the rear discs and pads and identify an oil leak from the front rocker cover gasket (I think). Apart from that life, children. chicken pox, and holidays have gotten in the way of being able to investigate it. I've found the gasket, now wondering if I can do that as well. It seems more important than the cental locking. So is there a guide on replaing the front rocker gasket? What is the correct torque for the bolts to replace the cover? If that goes well I'll look at the relays. A note with the locking, it seems to be okay if i hold the key in position when it locks for a second. Odd! The immobiliser for hte last week has not been an issue, would that suggest a loose connection somewhere? Oh we've managed to sell the 147, so back down to the 20v tractor and the GTV now
  7. New Gtv!

    Cheers, I'll take a look next time I can get out there. Hopefully one evening this week
  8. New Gtv!

    So I've been able to diagnose/fix the fan, its the heater resistor. I swapped over the one from teh 156 and it works So the relays... and the cental locking and key code thingy.... thats next. do you have a diagram/pic of the relays/location? But for tonight its time to open the booze.
  9. New Gtv!

    HI Smaky, How things? Are you still in the Cotswolds? I might have to make an appointment at some time. The relays, are they easy to get to? is there any way I can test them? You are right, it is quite a step up!
  10. New Gtv!

    Howdy Chaps, So after a few years of Alfa ownership I've added to our collection. This time it is a 2001 GTV V6 A couple of hundred miles on and there are a few niggles. Can you help? 1. the central locking does not work. 1 key seems to work (light comes on) and the other is dead even with a new battery. 2. The fan does not work, it was not connected. I connected it and it fired up full blast with the engine off. I had to disconnect the fan to stop it. 3. the drivers lock does not always work, sometimes it locks then unlocks straight away. 4. finally the code immobiliser does not always go out. Is there a way to replace the ariel/anetnna? is that the likely cause? All 4 of the keys will sometimes work then not work with this error so it feels like the antenna to me. Is there a good place to get a new one? Is there a fitting guide? can anyone suggest anything to help with these? Thanks!
  11. Thump Thump Goes My 156...

    So after jacking it up and taking the wheels off I found the problem. The offside front drop link was loose. Tightened up and the knock has gone. Think I'll replace it soon thought.
  12. Thump Thump Goes My 156...

    So after jacking it up and taking the wheels off I found the problem. The offside front drop link was loose. Tightened up and the knock has gone. Think I'll replace it soon thought.
  13. Hi All, So the 2004 156 2.4 JTDM is knocking or thumping. It seems to be coming from the front, I can hear it and it also possible to feel it in your feet when driving. It feels like it is coming from the front middle of the car. The sound is more like a thump than a knock and it feels like something is being pushed back then coming forward. I've taken a video and some pictures. You can hear the thump (just about) at 18-20 seconds in. The pics and video are here OneDrive Link Would it make sense to disconnect the drop links and take it for a quick test drive to see if the noise goes away? So is it one of the usual suspects? Or am I in for something else? Cheers M
  14. 147 Unlocking Then Locking Again

    I've also been able to get into it this way as well Hi Smaky! You think its the drivers door even though I could not open the rear passenger door from the inside if I went in through the boot?
  15. 147 Unlocking Then Locking Again

    I'd love to, but I've only got the one key.... is it a hardware switch thatcould be changed in the key?