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  1. More power and torque in a shite Fiat. Would of preferred a 156 tbh but budget cannot stretch that far.... Only issue with the existing flywheel and gearbox be able to handle a tuning box....
  2. Well it has put some people to shame already.... a few tweaks and shazzam.
  3. Sorry i should of said smoke my pole.
  4. well I have a new car after being single.... just need someone to jump my pole now... anyway I purchased a Fiat Marea 2.4 JTD 130 HLX Weekend, pics to be posted asap. she needs some work like new flywheel (£425 EACH) and has a notchy 2nd gear and front suspension needs looking into. But apart from that she does 53mpg and puts other cars to shame. and the sound of the 5 pot JTD when on full power... drools
  5. I hope you pay me back for the T-Spark first before buying another car.
  6. Honestly if I had the cash I'd be purchasing it in a jiffy!
  7. What you need is a Fiat Punto Sporting. Small, cheap to run, 6 speed gearbox, economical and a modest 80bhp!
  8. Still 156 SW 2.4 JTD in Veloce spec. Then add lots of mods.
  9. Nah I'd prefer a soundtrack Of a 2.4 JTD 150 with a few mods.... Also GTA's are for show offs and people with teeny testies!
  10. Well it is witchcraft, diesels can easily beat petrol.
  11. Bah, just wait for the twin turbo 2.0 JTDm that they are fitting to the Insignia VXR, no doubt will be fitted to the new Gulia...
  12. Agreed, everyone I have spoken to has left it in D mode.
  13. No no no, I know what he means, doing the speed limit ESP in a residential area a poxy chav on a speedfight up your arse, put car into 5th foot on full throttle and watch them back the F*** off.
  14. Some people enjoy the sound of the countryside and coaling the person behind.
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