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  1. On its way, I think its got up and left the gearbox !!!
  2. Done an oil and filter change on wednesday to the 156, ive only done about 30 miles in the thing since then and now its got a horrible knocking on acceleration. The knocking is engine speed related, sat on the drive, and rev it in neutral, and the knock is there, not there on lift off throttle, more promanant at around 2500-3000rpm, i darent take it over that. is it the big ends ?
  3. Quick Update: So, after rebuild and driving around Friday, all seems ok, I've still got the crunch on changing gear into 2nd, either going up from 1st or coming down from 3rd. BUT.........when out to the car today to check on oil levels, and I noticed that the selespeed pump did not run when I opened the drivers door.....weird....checked the oil level, that's ok. Switched on the ignition, and the pump ran for about 2-3 seconds.. So I switched off the ignition and left the car for an hour, went back out, opened the drivers door, and again nothing from the pump, switched on the ignition, and it ran, again only for 2-3 seconds..... either the system is now holding the pressure very well for a long time or..........????
  4. That's fine then, I'm just on 3% !!
  5. Thank you kindly sir !!! The system was not "completely" drained, only disconnected the high/low pressure lines, and removed the back plate to check on the condition of the "up/down" piston and sensor, as I seem to be showing 3mm "over travel" on MES, and there are "witness marks" on the roll pin fitted to the selector attachment that show the over travel...
  6. Whats the correct procedure when refiitting the actuator back on to the gearbox ? Im fine with the mechanical side of it, just the priming/bleeding of the system after its been drained of oil. Is there a specific routine in MES ive got to do to bleed the system ? Thanks.
  7. What ????? 1, I don't rely on the ABS.....I drive normal....... 2, I asked the question to find out if the system would throw up a fault above 10Mph...
  8. Qucik question, How much "Tolerence" is there in the ABS system......As in wheel speed difference before the system sees it as a problem. Say, 205/55/16 tyres on the rear and 20/50/16 tyres on the front, i think it works out at approx 3% smaller circumfrance for the fronts, so would be rotating slighty faster than the rears in a straight line.
  9. I was kinda hoping for that answer !!! Clutch rod should be 28.5mm ?
  10. Hello All. Ive got a random "crunch" whenever my selespeed changes into 2nd from either 1st or 3rd, It does not happen all the time, but its there now and again, the same noise as though the synchromesh is worn. I want to replace the gearbox, I heard that there is two types of selector rods fitted to geaboxs, and that an early selespeed unit wont fit a later box, is this correct, or can I just us any 5 speed manual gearbox. Car is a 2000 156 2.0TS. Thanks chaps.
  11. The cable supplied by Rarebear, ive had it working for nearly 2 years, I just cant get it to connect to the sele ECU anymore.
  12. 1,2 & R only with engine running is what I get, so that's ok then, im just trying to check the clutch travel thingy (28.3mm), but cant get a sniff of the Selespeed ECU... I did think it may be a diver problem, but would that not affect all the ECU comms, and not just the sele ECU?
  13. OK, strange one for you lot.... I have recently started to have problems trying to connect to the Selespeed ECU, MultiECU wont connect to it, nor even find it when doing a scan. I can connect to the Engine, ABS and Airbags just fine, but not a sniff of the Selespeed ECU. One other weird thing, with just the ignition on, engine not running, I can select all gears, I thought the system will only let you select 1st, 2nd & Reverse......
  14. thank you kindly sir !! Its a 2000 156 2.0TS Selespeed saloon.
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