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  1. Free 147 1.6 Twin Spark Engine

  2. Free 147 1.6 Twin Spark Engine

    need this gone... if it isn't gone by the end of the week i'll strip it and sell it off
  3. Free 147 1.6 Twin Spark Engine

    Near oxford - ox11
  4. Free 147 1.6 Twin Spark Engine

    Well its sat here and waiting... it had its cambelt changed last year, spark plugs and serviced as well.
  5. Sorry guys.. cant do this and EMMA (european mobile media association). I'm due to be meeting the head judge to discuss which category i can enter the Alfa into. Can i go next time?
  6. As above.. i have a 147 twin spark engine up for grabs... with downpipe... (still bolted to it. Engine was running nicely but removed in favour of the coupe engine. Now the engine is taking up space so we need to move it sharpish. Who wants it? Its free to collector but they must be able to take it away... and bring labour to that effect as well. I can help a bit but i have a dodgy knee.
  7. Alfadriver Now Has A Cool Wall

    Ill keep an eye out for something non flash related... for a rainy day of course!
  8. Search

    Ooooo la la... doesn't that look better?
  9. Alfadriver Car Insurance Scheme With Prestige Keep Moving

    Do you do an arranged value classic car policy?
  10. Introduce yourself here - the AD interview!

    but anj.. i'm beautiful!
  11. Introduce yourself here - the AD interview!

    Christ.. scary looking lot! :He He:
  12. Search

    Hi Alfabhoy, But i've never needed to do that in any other site and i use a few! Could we just make the magnifying glass white and then it'll make it easier for users to see the search function?
  13. Alfa 147 - Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo Conversion - 310Bhp

    If i ever finish it...
  14. Search

    haha.. doooo it! i'd actually start working!
  15. Search

    Sorry didn't mean for it to sound snotty!! Thats why i said staff