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  1. Saabretooth

    P0220 P1221 Limp Mode

    Back in this forum after years of trouble free motoring.Friend of mine has got this issue of car going into limp mode with P0220 and P1221 error codes. Headlights off. Limp mode guaranteed to come on after a while. Always after stationary, i.e. Low rpm around 700-800rpm. In the morning or sometimes even at cold start, while driving in the car park. BUT!!!! Immediately gone when he switched on the headlights!and then... Limp mode will return after 10- 20 mins even with lights on. He'll have to switch it off and on to reset the error to drive it without limp mode. So short of replacing the entire headlight assembly, what can he do? The throttle position sensors...etc has been cleaned and replaced and etc... and there was, the U1600 error code comes up. A couple of workshops have tried to solve it but are not successful. One of them suggests the throttle body (due to the P0220 and P1221 codes), while another says its the ECU due to the U1600 error (not all the time). Any thing that makes sense that we could troubleshoot with? Cheers!
  2. Saabretooth

    Rough Gear Shift Or Not At All

    Its been good for the longest time, but not as perfect as it should have been when I first replaced the clutch. NOW...the weirdest thing about it.... I recently replaced a gearbox component, the final drive from a 2.5V6, and the shifter is now smooth as silk... but there's nothing wrong with the original one... It could have just been a minor misalignment of the gearbox and all this nonsense happened. Sent from my E6883 using Tapatalk
  3. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Nope, no backfires at all. we used the 3.2 Cam Locks on this car. Now I'm getting the misfires at the traffic lights at most 2 x a day. Used to be at every other traffic light. I suspect it is now a potentially off timed rear cam. from what's been narrowed down so far.
  4. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Thanks guys for the update. There's good news and then even better ones, and then will have to monitor before its conclusive. Prior to Baz suggestion, I checked all the potential leak points for the intake side, even the vacuum hoses and joints.... - Swapped out Bank 1 Precat Lambda & Swapped out Bank 1 Post Cat Lambda. still had some Misfire Errors - Swapped out plugs, Previously were on 0.7mm gapped plugs, and now am on 0.95mm gapped plugs. Misfires were a lot less, and so was the urgency in power delivery. Car felt smoother though. - Did the compression Test, and all were in the 18 Bar range. Mech didn't think it was necessary to open it up, valves and all are fine, and so are the lifters. - Swapped out the 2500km (and 3 week old) 5W50 oil and topped up with 10W60 ENI oil... Still had Misfire P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303 error Cleared alll the errors .. and now, about 100km later, still no error at all. Am keeping my fingers crossed. Didn't think that the engine oil had anything to do with the errors at all. and I hope it solves it all. Good thing so far from the exercise, I got to replace 2 dodgy Lambdas And find out how healthy the compression of my engine was. If the errors still stay away till next week, I'll update. Although, mechanically, its telling me that the changes are only masking some long term repair work in the making... Friend from the Netherlands was thinking it could be rear timing that's off by even 0.2mm, which could cause the idling misfires. Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  5. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    For some strange reason..... We re-did the compression test before having to open up the engine and we got about 250kpa across all 6 cylinders.
  6. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Good news and bad news. 1. after changing out the lambda (AGAIN) both the signals are relatively equal, when its on throttle (not idling) - but when on idle, it is slightly slower in bank 1, 2. Did a compression test, and cylinder 2 is showing slightly lower compression. and there is no white smoke, car is running fine, power is good. ruling out the piston and piston rings. which then narrows it down to possibly a valve or two. Going to take the simplest route first before opening up the engine It could be a very dirty valve (not sure if its inlet or exhaust) and will be doing a valve cleaning thing first. - if that doesn't work, then I'll have to open it up to find out if any of the valves are damaged. And then replace the valves, if any.
  7. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  8. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Yeap, Codes Cleared. Ran well, then misfire error came up again AT IDLe. on the move ZERO issues. Swapped to another lambda, and P0141, heater element not working came up, but the voltages were stable at 0.035-55 front and rear bank, although rear bank (1,2,3) fluctuates more.
  9. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    The rear bank lambda was replaced but seemed that the reading is slower than the front bank. Car runs well though.
  10. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Hi Smaky, I swapped out the rear bank top lambda, and the misfires from 2000-3000 rpm are gone. Car runs fine. Solved 1 problem. But at the traffic lights, I still get the P0300, P0301, P 0302, P0303 Rear bank misfire error. Although a lot less frequently. Am going to check on the Coil grounding again tomorrow to see if there's anything loose. And maybe the brake switch as well, although I can't understand why it would only affect the rear bank.
  11. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    While waiting for a time slot and available lambda sensor to arrive, I disconnected the bank 1 pre cat lambda. Immediately misfires were greatly reduced and my drive was so much better without hesitation in the 2000 to 3000 rpm range. Although the error code would be failed lambda ... car runs much better. Although there are still some episodes of misfire.
  12. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Ok did a check. No air leak at the pipe. Will try to get this on a proper alfa diagnosis asap. I did notice that if I drove the car a little harder. Throttle pedal a bid more than normal, the errors were less frequent.
  13. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    Thanks, will relook at it again, The 3rd MAF sensor was borrowed from a working GTA which has no issues. I could swap again to another MAF just to test although I would think its unlikely MAF since the one that's swapped in now is a working one, and the one that I had is swapped to the GTA, is also working fine. The remap has been fairly good for the past year or so, which is odd that it pops up now. I would think it unlikely that the map could change characteristics over the course of 18months or so.... Also, where do you suspect the Air leak to be from? between the MAF to the intake manifold pipes? The errors come up at 2 points, its always logged in as Pending Error, as its not a continuous fault. Between 2100 - 2700 rpm, and sometimes just under 3000 rpm, when I'm gently throttling to accelerate up through the gears.. Or when I'm at idle waiting at the traffic lights..... the min I hear the idle change note, the Error comes up within seconds of detecting it. -Alfastumped!
  14. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    1. No Problem with the Fuel Rail/pipes, no leaks. 2. Can't see anything with earth wiring for the injectors. Could it be a failing fuel pump? although I would think it might affect all 6 cylinders, unless the pressure isn't holding up.
  15. Saabretooth

    3.2 V6 Misfire Cyl 1, 2 And 3... And Now 4

    I actually swapped out the rear bank wiring harness, and the issue still persists. are you suggesting that I look further than that? I was heading towards a compression test next actually, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk