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Found 3 results

  1. Saabretooth

    P0220 P1221 Limp Mode

    Back in this forum after years of trouble free motoring.Friend of mine has got this issue of car going into limp mode with P0220 and P1221 error codes. Headlights off. Limp mode guaranteed to come on after a while. Always after stationary, i.e. Low rpm around 700-800rpm. In the morning or sometimes even at cold start, while driving in the car park. BUT!!!! Immediately gone when he switched on the headlights!and then... Limp mode will return after 10- 20 mins even with lights on. He'll have to switch it off and on to reset the error to drive it without limp mode. So short of replacing the entire headlight assembly, what can he do? The throttle position sensors...etc has been cleaned and replaced and etc... and there was, the U1600 error code comes up. A couple of workshops have tried to solve it but are not successful. One of them suggests the throttle body (due to the P0220 and P1221 codes), while another says its the ECU due to the U1600 error (not all the time). Any thing that makes sense that we could troubleshoot with? Cheers!
  2. Hi Smaky, Need to borrow your experience again on this one. I'm getting Misfires from Cylinder 1, 2 and 3. and also a P0130 Error, indicating Lambda. MAF is was recently replaced to a standard 063(last 3 numbers) Bosch MAF I've swapped the coil packs from rear to front, (12 months old) Swapped the injectors and changed out the spark plugs Its improved the drive somewhat, but I'm still getting the Misfire and Lambda Errors when I'm on the move. When I check it again, its would give me a Error Pending, meaning its been clocked in, but no longer occuring. Any idea what could be wrong? its not a constant error, but only when I drive the car and put it under load.
  3. Hi Guys/Smaky I've recently changed out my Slave, and then Master Clutch Pump at 70k km and 85k km respectively. And at 90k, I changed out my 2nd standard clutch to Dual Friction CG Clutch, which is rated at stage 2.5 clutch (whatever that means) Now at 96,000km, I'm getting a weird sticky/uneven pedal travel upon release. I don't think it should have anything to do with the Master Pump, although symptoms point to it. Also, I might be going to do a full brake fluid flush again to see how it responds. If there's anything else I should look out for when I do this? Thanks