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  1. Calimero

    Youngest member badge please? Maybe?

    But you havent met me.. seriously.. lol
  2. Calimero

    The motorbike thread..............

    Ohhhh... now I miss my bikes.. but to many idiots on the road.. I love the ducatis but still wouldnt have one... one as I am to short.. If I was having another bike at the moment I would have to get a new r6... Last bike I had was a sv1000s but had the seat lowered.. lol.. I only have short legs.
  3. Calimero

    Alfa Sightings .....

    Last time Ray and I were on a road trip we were convinced we were being stalked... there were loads of alfas lol There are quite a few near me that I pass on a daily basis.. but I think I just make them paranoid when I flash..
  4. Calimero

    The Moto GP thread

    For those of you with a passion for two wheel racing.. This season has been disapointing for me as a Rossi fan.. but starting to see progress with the bike.. FINALLY..
  5. Calimero

    Youngest member badge please? Maybe?

    Does mental age count as if so I beat you
  6. Calimero

    Welcome to AlfaDriver.

    Bedroom or back seat... I forget..
  7. Calimero

    Youngest member badge please? Maybe?

    I think that an award for a young member really should be something that could be given. I personally quite like young members...
  8. Calimero

    Welcome to AlfaDriver.

    Sure I know you from somewhere.. Oh and hello to all.. well you didnt expect me to come here alone did you
  9. Calimero

    Good evening

    I was a little busy lol but better late than never..
  10. Calimero

    Good evening

    I was invited by a lovely Gentleman to come and grace this fine forum with my presence.. I am well educated, well mannered and can mix with the finest of company... So what the devil am I doing getting an invite here you may ask yourself.. Well the answer is simple.. I may be well educated bit of British Totty... but I am also a petrolhead loving, bike riding, car nut, who could actually make Ben dover blush ( may try that in a few weeks ) I am known by many names, some of which are far to rude to put on here.. but you may call me Cali, or Crazychick.. depending on which you prefer.. I spend much of my time with a former alfa owner, being a former alfa owner myself too... I love my cars.. and detest that for now I have a mumsey car... I miss my speed, I miss the noise my v6s made.. I miss the joy of getting up at the crack of dawn to just polish the car... but I will have that again.. So from one car nut to the rest of you.. hello