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Aircon Seal Kit

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Does anyone know of a source of aircon seals for the 147 , not simple" o" rings, looks like a set of two ribs of rings together..

cheers Pat

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Moving on a bit , I found the correct seals for the job , but now I have a problem with the system, Anyone saw this coming ?!!


I may not be able to resolve my issue right now as the car leaves me for a couple of months, however I'm keen to resolve this,.

what I have done is firstly evacuate the system as I have replaced the condenser. The system has been vacuumed and seems to hold pressure.

I filled the so much with refrigerant and then as a caution some leakstop and then finishing with refrigerant. The clutch came in on 35 bar and got to 55 -60 and struggled to consume more than 40-480 g so compressor on all the time but not getting cold. The pressuyre on the other side is basically equalised by the same amount on low side.

I am thinking that the compressor is unable to pressurize as the there is little load on the engine when switching fro low to to auto , 147 2.0l by the way.

Can anyone help.

Cheers Pat

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