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V8 supercars 2012 season yay

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I cant remember if its a freebie on sky, I think it is.


In fact I'm pretty sure it is. Its the best channel in the world. Shows some proper motorsport, from rally cross to the baja 1000 races... not to mention full coverage of the lemans 24hr.


If you like BTCC, you have to watch the v8's. Its like btcc but with proper engines and mental aussies at the wheel. :hubba:


Motorstv only show a condensed version of most races, 2 70+ lap races in a 2hr show, only the bathurst 1000 is live iirc. But its still an absolute must see.

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I'll have a look. Didn't know it existed :facepalm:


I see cheese and biscuits, wine and MotorsTV for my Saturday evening :)

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