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Poor Connection In Xenon Lights

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I have a problem with my headlights...

They are the fancy Xenon type that really work great. When they work.

One of them has a poor connection and sometimes turns itself off.

I start the car up, only one light is on, I flip the switch off/on, and both lights are on.


Then I drive around for a bit, and notice only one is on. So I toggle the switch, and both are on.


Does anyone know any good fixes for this issue ?


To the ones who do not know the Xenon lights, this setup was not one the finest engineering inventions of Alfa Romeo.

The ballast for the lights is screwed to the main headlight body just bellow the assembly, with the connection to them not fixed with any hooks, just held on with the screws that fit the ballast to the assembly. And as the opening to the ballast is at the top, whenever there is moisture in the headlight (as the headlight is not easily sealed this happens often) the water gets into the ballast and fries it.

A 80-100 pound replacement secondhand.

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The problem with these lights is exactly as you say, the position of the Ballast, But there is a way round it, simply apply somne Vaseline to the bulb covers and silicone sealant around the gap for the wiring, the lights still need a breather hole to allow moisture and heated air out, so never completely seal a headlight.


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