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Alfa 147, Maxiscan 309 Won't Link Up?

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Alfa 147, Maxiscan 309 won't link up?

Alfa 147,Autel Maxiscan 309 won't link up?


Just bought one of these and found the plug push it in but i keep getting messages that it won't link up?


Anyone had this problem and know what to do?


Tried it on our Peugeot 206 and it works fine


Do i need an adaptor?


Machine powers up but displays that it won't link up.

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without spending a lot of money which "basic" scanner will do the job?

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I would go with a lead to connect to a laptop and use MultiEcuScan.

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thank you .

This to do with the GTV , not the 147.

just ordered the VAG-com lead and it should arrive soon.

In reading the blurb the disc that comes with it , Install cable drivers (provided on CD).

This bit i don't understand?

Cable adapted to include a 4 way switch to access different ECUs:

Position 1 = Engine ECU (read / clear engine faults)
Position 2 = AirBag ECU (read / clear airbag faults)
Position 3 = ABS ECU (read / clear break faults)
Position 4 = ESP ECU (red / clear stability faults)

Is the switch on the screen , i.e. menu?

I also bought this cable but it doesn't seem to come with the driver disc or isn't it needed?

There are a couple of garages here at a nearby rural town, no interest here just take your money, the other one is helpful but i have to do the work.

You mention the power plug to the Airbag ecu, between the back seat?

The other garage i am using got a different fault , in the end the light only needs to go off.

i found an open circuit at the yellow cable under the passenger seat, so once i get the cable i can clear the code all being well.


Scan cable.jpg

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Cable driver installed on lap top and the port set up.

Did an Air Bag  scan and it doesn't show any faults but the light is still on.

DTC area is inactive?


Any ideas?


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