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  1. Smiffy pull my trousers up PDQ,if he hasn't had sex for a while,and I don't want a big bore kit in my arse.
  2. Anyway back to the topic in hand,I havn't heard from Nigel for a couple of days so not sure if he has his car back,I hope so as being without one's car is a pain in the arse. And the good news for him is he has alot of people in the Gta group who are watching his back.
  3. Your right Bigdar,I love this forum for the fact that we don't have to look over our shoulder to see which of the three amigo's is going to pull our trousers down and spank us!!! :He He: . There's no reasoning with Ral colour 1020.! You gotta feel sorry for her,sat in a gallery all day.
  4. well we shall probably never know the reason behind Nigel's engine failure as it is a closely guarded secret!! Why? you are left to draw your own conclusions. It was sad to see Bod the mod shutting down another thread relating to the 3.8. Andy stop being a puppet!Its not big or clever! And it was good to see Adie come out in defence of the 3.8 and highlight the facts even if other people do not like the truth. And it is important to stress if the 3.8 is built properly then it should behave itself! I still wouldn't have one based on cost with gains, now if it was purely for the track,then I would be visiting either of the three I know who could build such a car.
  5. Yes I think your right,I have yet to see Ned put his hands up to an Autolusso mistake its always the failure of a component ,be it koni Fsd,bearing,Q2 diff or oil oh and the plastic balls in the plenum fiasco!! I also see Andy Mod Bod closed the the Ao thread,probably because Jonny from JJBMotors dared to question his neutrality as a moderator,I have asked Andy in the past about his desicions and not got a straight answer! Thats showbusiness!!!
  6. Yeah the mods on AO seem to let him get away with alot especially one in particular!! And also congratulate him on being self restrained!!! Never mind I've never been into mates rates and all that!! John Day at Brands Hatch will look after you,he's a good guy who loves his work and I havn't heard a bad word said against him. You normally find the good specialists don't have to tout for business! If you find any other garages worth sharing let us know.
  7. Well the good news is Autolusso have promised to get Nigel's car back to him by the weekend! But the bad news for Autolusso is they have lost another customer! Calling fellow Gta owners "cocks" and riduculing your customers is not the best way to make friends! James, I thought you showed great restraint after the unfounded rant. Its seems Andy will always blow hot air into the wrong balloon! It seems like that with alot of these problems with big bore kits your always in the hands of the tuner to what they say has caused the failure of an engine. Just on the positive side my self and John Day will be putting together a Gta club with discounts from prefered specialists, and a comprensive guide to looking after your Gta's and unbaised reports on specialists who are good,bad and downright ugly.
  8. You maybe right but the Dawie De Villiers cars seem to cope,maybe they have mastered the art of good tuning!!
  9. Its a sad state of affairs when the car you put so much money into goes bang in less than 2 years and less than 12,000 miles. He has had quite a few problems with this car and now the reliability issues are coming out. Just before christmas his cambelt slipped a couple of teeth,it was retimed put back together and given a clean bill of health. Our own Tech guru Smaky,forwarned that the days of the engine were numbered,on this he was right. Now what for Nigel,his car is off the road and the investment in a reliable engine down the plughole. He has had three clutches and numerous other glitches. If Nigel was a rag it everywhere sought of guy I perhaps would understand,but he is not. All he wants now is his car back with a 3.2 that works as it is his everyday car, and leave the tuning to the professionals! As it is a hell of alot of money to lose!! And thats why I have never gone down the 3.7/8 route.
  10. Mine is the same year just a few more miles 50 to be exact same colour but 11k cheaper!! So once I have done mine up and ask for 6k you will all be banging at my door.
  11. Hi Folks, this is a heads up for the Gta's who are thinking of coming to Brooklands. I will be there with around 7 Gta's at the moment,with the stand and we will be parked in a good place. You will need to preregister if you want to dislay on the stand.Just send me your details and I can do it for you.You can pay on the day (£10) for adults. Looks like we will be parked with the Lambo's. And a few of us will be going out on a parade lap! Plus if anybody wishes to sprint up the hill they can do.(Maybe a good time for a Gta shootout). If you want any more info look on the AutoItalia website. cheers Steve
  12. Any takers for reserved spots on the Gta stand please let me know Asap. Otherwise I shall reduce the number of prebooked spaces and give them to other models. Thanks Steve
  13. Cotwold Alfa day has allowed us to have a stand on the lawns in front of the Castle. For more information please Google Cotswold Aroc. If you are thinking of coming please let me know as there are limited spaces on the Stand! 10 to be precise and 3 have already been taken up. If you are doing the Giro you will need to download an entry form and book your ticket. If not you can turn up on the day and meet at the castle, starts at 10.30. Nigel will be looking after the stand as I will be doing the Giro. Hope to see you on the day. Steve
  14. Sorry guys Iam not going either,with the rest of the Gta,s at brands,and the weather and very few replys, I thought I would put my effort into the next 2, Cotswold Alfa day and supercar sunday.
  15. Sorry to hear that,chin up wants its sorted you will be happy!
  16. Ok Smiffy, have you spoken to Alex about your car? I think he has some valium to calm it down!!!
  17. What about them. Car with 8 spark plugs,and prone to self distructing if the oil is too low I should know I have one and I am too afraid to drive it anywhere,just in case
  18. Hello all,who will be attending Stanford Hall? Quite a few from the South of the country are going to Brands Hatch. I will be at Stanford as it is closer for me,will be bringing the marquee and bacon baps for the early ones's plus the weather looks good so lets do a picnic for lunch. 156's will be in front with 147(if they wish to join) behind. Let me know people. Steve
  19. Ok fellow Gta owners I need an idea of confirmed numbers so that we can try and save you a place,if you don't confirm I can't guarantee a spot for you. I know quite a few 147's might come so you will have an area to one side or behind. But it would still be good to know numbers. Thanks Steve
  20. The latest weather for this week is two dry days and saturday is one of them.!!
  21. Smiffy you were in the warm with the monkeys!! I had enough by 1pm soaked through but there again I was on parking duty. Well done to all the Gta's who turned out. 6 156's and 5 147's. And well done to the 250 Alfa's who turned out. See you all at Brooklands next weekend. Now I am going to dry out!!
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