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147 selespeed city mode and kangaroo jumps problems

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I'll start with the fact that i replaced the brakes booster unit (include the pump). 

Before that everything was just fine!

Now i have 2 problems:

1. In city mode the gears doesnt change, for example if i start from 1st gear the rpm goes up but the gear stay on 1st. Same problems with all gears if i go from any gear on manual to city, Gear stay on the last 1 before i changed to city mode from manual. 

2. In manual mode gears changes are ok except the kangaroo jump problem. I have really bad kangaroo jumps from standing state on 1st gear (low rpm) until i rev up and change to 2nd gear. it feels like there is not enough fuel in the system. my guess its a sensor problem but its not a real direction to the solution. 

Btw, road clutch set to 28.1mm. 

I tried to do EOL calibration but i have problem almost 3 years with it. It failed and say: "Error due to absence of suitable conditions" 

Thanks for any help here! 

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