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147 Selespeed, Throttle And Pump Faults Etc?

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147 Brake pedal no throttle?

Alfa 147 Selespeed.

You press the brake pedal in neutral and there is no throttle, take your foot off and it revs?


ABS , VDC and engine lights on.

Bought this car unseen cheap for parts , great motor and it is too good to wreck.

However it had a new clutch fitted by the previous owner in a garage and there is no drive .

Selespeed doesn't select gears , changed the pump/ relay.

Cant get any of my three scanners to connect to read the fault codes.

Need to get a new one.


The pump seems to draw too much power and sometimes comes on when you open the door, selects 1,2 and partially R, doesn't get full clutch release and slips.

All these electrical issues bother me and i wonder if i should just use the car for parts ?


Annoys me as it was obviously going before it came t the garage where i bought it.


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