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159 2008 2.2L Jts "have Gearbox Checked"

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OK here is my problem.

Every winter ,almost every morning I get the same error "have gearbox check". (only at first cold start).

1. If I parked during the night at any other gear but "N" I cannot shift to "N", thus cannot start the car. (Usually the error is gone after 5-10 minutes and I can shift to "N" and start the car.

2. Because of the above, I always park at "N" yet even than, I get the error "have gearbox checked", but the error is gone after 1-2 minutes and I can shift gears. (No problems till the next morning).

3. Today I plugged OBDII get U1711.

4. The pump always starts when I open driver’s door.

5. Battery tested and found OK.

6. I read it might be a gear sensors but could find which one and a part number.

7. Any other season but winter the car runs perfectly.

I’ll appreciate your help.


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i have the same weird problem in my car, i have Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS.

can anyone give us a professional opinion ?

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Undo all the electrical connectors, get some contact grease and lube up the socket sides anfer you've dried them out with a hair dryer. It's normally just moisture in the plugs that evaporates after you've warmed the engine and gearbox up.

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