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147 Gta Sele Recurring Issue

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Original EV0, new EV0


Hi Smaky, the pic above on the left is the original type of EV0 that was initially faulty, the pic on the right (the only one I could buy from ebspares/alfaworkshop, was the one i originally replaced it with.


The local dealers told me I supplied the wrong one (mesh type), they said the only way they could get the right one, was with an entire new actuator unit, so I ended up doing that.


Then the whole new actuator started playing up, but after a long time, we finally decided again that the issue must be an EV0 issue, so they poulled the EVO supplied with the new actuator from Alfa, and it was the same as the newer mesh type.


Incidentally, the same dealer workshop have fitted a new actuator to a more recent model fiat, (that actuator was leaking into the gearbox) and with the new actuator the fiat exhibited the same re-occurring symptoms as mine.


On closer inspection of the original actuator from the fiat with the working EV0, they found it was an original type one with the 3 holes in the stem, so they fitted the old style valve to mine and tested it for so far 2 days with no re-occurrence, and slo on the fiat with no re-occurrence, leading them to at this stage (they will be testing for a few more days to verify) that they newere style mesh valves for EV0 are not a good replacement/substitue for the oringal 3 hole type.


have you come across anything like this ?


How can i attach 2 pics to this post so i can show you the valves ?

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bit of an update, have now replaced the sele pump, as it seemed the sele fluid was getting VERY dirty and contaminated within 2-4 weeks, still getting the intermittent slow to change and shuddering.


Sele pump changed all good, now still getting slow changes , and the engine speed races an additional 4-500 rpm every so oftent in 1st-2nd changes above 4000 rpm, does it much more often with the A/C going.


Final attempt to resolve will be changing out the 2 x PF2C gear position sensors, these are the ONLY original part of the sele system still left on my vehicle, seems like all low speed shuddering / judder has now gone, but I am still getting slow / late gear changes and now even a sligt hesitation on take-off from standstill,


Any further thoughts Smaky ?

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Hi entonox, not yet I am afraid, I will be replacing the 2 x PF2c gearbox actuation sensors early next week, a couple of the guys on the alfaowner.com forum had a similar issue to mine, and have suggested this.


threads are here





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I think your GTA has ended up in New Zealand!

I've got one here juddering like mad when taking off.  It's only done 60,000km but the clutch reference is over 19mm and I think I can hear the release bearing at times.

I'll be putting the CRO on the clutch slave sensor first though.

Did you sort yours in the end?

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