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  1. no matter, the dealer has confirmed while monitoring the pressure during it falling into neutral pressure did not drop below 38 or exceed 55, they want to drop the gearbox, as they beleive either synchros or the selector shaft is fouling , anyway I m close to AUD$14K and 18 months spent on ttrying to rectify this bloody thing, and I am almost ready to dump the car.
  2. Thanks smaky exactly what i needed to know !!!! is there any pic of a cutaway of an accumulator ? i googled but could not find one.
  3. wouldn't the FES report low pressure or pressure drops if the accumulator was stock, I have been getting slow changes, and dropping into neutral as well. Along with selespeed errors . in my other thread re my 147 GTA sele issues, I have been experiencing late change of upshift between 1st and 2nd, for the last year or so, and now recently, dropping into N with no warning, and it goes straight back into the right gear when i shift it back, it is also getting stuck in in 3rd every now and then, which requires an engine restart to restore normal operation. every component right down to wiring looms was replaced, a new actuator with accumulator was the first thin replaced 14 months ago, to cure a jerky clutch valve, which a clutch valve alone did not fix. only recently did I actually get a selespeed error recorded on the sele ecu, and it was low pressure , and a new pump was installed 4 months ago, along with a new pump relay. Smaky you mentioned in an earlier post the accumulator getting stuck , what did you mean exactly, the dealer I am dealing with seems to be unable to diagnose this, but I read this thread and noticed the symptoms are the same as mine.
  4. Hi entonox, not yet I am afraid, I will be replacing the 2 x PF2c gearbox actuation sensors early next week, a couple of the guys on the alfaowner.com forum had a similar issue to mine, and have suggested this. threads are here http://www.alfaowner.com/Forum/alfa-gta/375581-gta-selespeed-clutch-adjustment-and-distance.html http://www.alfaowner.com/Forum/alfa-gta/138302-clutch-valve-id-of-gta-selespeed-jerkiness.html
  5. bit of an update, have now replaced the sele pump, as it seemed the sele fluid was getting VERY dirty and contaminated within 2-4 weeks, still getting the intermittent slow to change and shuddering. Sele pump changed all good, now still getting slow changes , and the engine speed races an additional 4-500 rpm every so oftent in 1st-2nd changes above 4000 rpm, does it much more often with the A/C going. Final attempt to resolve will be changing out the 2 x PF2C gear position sensors, these are the ONLY original part of the sele system still left on my vehicle, seems like all low speed shuddering / judder has now gone, but I am still getting slow / late gear changes and now even a sligt hesitation on take-off from standstill, Any further thoughts Smaky ?
  6. Original EV0, new EV0 Hi Smaky, the pic above on the left is the original type of EV0 that was initially faulty, the pic on the right (the only one I could buy from ebspares/alfaworkshop, was the one i originally replaced it with. The local dealers told me I supplied the wrong one (mesh type), they said the only way they could get the right one, was with an entire new actuator unit, so I ended up doing that. Then the whole new actuator started playing up, but after a long time, we finally decided again that the issue must be an EV0 issue, so they poulled the EVO supplied with the new actuator from Alfa, and it was the same as the newer mesh type. Incidentally, the same dealer workshop have fitted a new actuator to a more recent model fiat, (that actuator was leaking into the gearbox) and with the new actuator the fiat exhibited the same re-occurring symptoms as mine. On closer inspection of the original actuator from the fiat with the working EV0, they found it was an original type one with the 3 holes in the stem, so they fitted the old style valve to mine and tested it for so far 2 days with no re-occurrence, and slo on the fiat with no re-occurrence, leading them to at this stage (they will be testing for a few more days to verify) that they newere style mesh valves for EV0 are not a good replacement/substitue for the oringal 3 hole type. have you come across anything like this ? How can i attach 2 pics to this post so i can show you the valves ?
  7. What other sensors, contribute to the learning/calibration of the Sele ECU ? on the CFC218F GTA Sele ? I know of the following ones, - Clutch position on the slave cylinder - Wheel speed sensor via ABS/VDC unit - gearbox input shaft speed sensor what other ones are there ?
  8. did the whole continuity check on all the wiring, checked and reseated the fuses and relays, given that it always seems fine for 1-2 weeks after a delete of statistical data and replaced clutch & replaced actuator procedure, has what has got everyone stumped, it almost seems as it learns it is learning something incorrectly, or biassed, so as soon as we delete the previois data, it seems fine for a short period . . .then the problem re-occurs, with increasing frequency and amplitude.
  9. Alternator has been tested by anautoelec with a cro and nothing out of the ordinary ie no dirty signal etc has been found. Back to square one at the dealer. The shuddering fault has started up again ( it was not happening for the last week) so the diagnostic process starts again. :-(. Any other areas to investigate you can suggest smaky ?
  10. Just so I can understand how can a new/faulty alternator cause the shuddering or slow upshift in a selespeed ?
  11. car goes in tomorrow for an extended trial/diagnosis/repair etc, the service mgr has committed to me it will not be returned until it is finally resolved, will update as soon as they have found something, it seems every time they replace the clutch valve it is great for 2-3 weeks then it re-occurs, could it be a bad batch of clutch valves ? (currently on its 3rd one) Also the clutch valve replacement looks a little different to the original one, the new one has a mesh type collar down near the body of the valve, whereas the original one had a hole drilled through it. Alfa/Fiat says the EV0 is different between the CFC208F and the CFC218F. But part no'shave been superseded etc between the original etc. What is your understanding of this Smaky ?
  12. Yes it was a genuine one from an Alfa dealer and from memory it was a Bosch. The service manager said they have had one or two rare issues before re ecu's that coincided with a new alternator being fitted. So they may replace this as a process of elimination.
  13. it all seemed very nice and smooth, less than 24 hrs later the symptom has re-occurred, it is almost like a fresh calibration sorts it for a short period of time, and then it learn's or self calibrates itself incorrectly, any more thoughts Smaky, it is driving me nuts. I am getting a specialist to check out the wheel speed sensors. Is there anything else that could be contributing to this issue re input sensors that govern clutch engagement etc ? The brake light switch was changed 2 yrs ago and multi Ecu scan says it is on and off ok but could the sensitivity be an issue ? Does it need / require adjusting ? Follow up all items checked and found working fine, around the time this started a new alternator was fitted by the dealer not sure if this could be an issue the original dealer has asked me To return and they will resolve it. The services after mentioned that he had seen sometimes a new alternator giving a bad waveform output that has upset some of the ecu's so that willbe another avenue of investigation and diagnosis.
  14. the wear seems even, I have not picked any noticeable uneven wear, they are up for replacement shortly, but my car has all new suspension and coilvers (bilstein B16's - very firm at the back), ie upper and lower arms, steering ends, drop links, etc and on the back new trailing arms, and transverse arms, droplinks, and a whiteline rear arb set at the middle adjustment. all items fitted by alfa indie specialists here, and the alignment and cnr weighting done by a specialist suspension shop. drives very well, and the grip much improved
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